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Name and email address of the person sending to recipients. This is the individual initiating the communication, and in the email client, this information appears next to "From."

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What is the sender of an email?

Information about the sender of any type of message is found in the email header. Email clients display this information partially so that the user can identify the email and see who sent it and when it arrived.

In the inbox, you can see the name the sender has configured. For example, some companies make the last name appear first or include the name of the department. However, in the sent items folder, the contact list data is used, and that's why it may not match when you receive an email from the same sender.

How to know who sends an email?

By examining the complete email header, in addition to the name and address of the sender, it is also possible to know their IP address. This information is used to detect possible identity impersonations. In these cases, the domain or IP from which it is sent does not pass authentication protocols.

Furthermore, a message passes through several machines before reaching its destination, and in the header, you can track them all. This way, you can trace the email and discover the route it has taken from the sender's outbox to the recipient's inbox. Along the way, it must pass through filters to confirm its identity and ensure that it is who it claims to be.

How to send emails with a customized sender?

When sending out mass emails, the sender's information is configured. It doesn't have to be the same as the one used to open an email service account: each campaign can have a customized sender's name and address based on the type of message or recipient list it's going to.

For example, a situation where it's advisable to configure different senders for each email, even if they are individual, is for business proposals. By connecting the CRM to the email service provider, you can choose the responsible agent for each account to send it so that the recipients recognize it, and their response goes directly to their inbox.

What sender name to use to improve the open rate?

Choosing the best sender’s name is very important as it can influence the results of your email campaigns.

Using the company name is the most conservative option, though it is also the safest. Almost all organizations choose this option for branding reasons. Another option is to combine the personal name and the organization's name. With this alternative, you reinforce the brand image while establishing a personal connection with a representative of the company.