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Sent SMS

The term "Sent" (or "Recipients") refers to the number of SMS messages you have sent, i.e., all the recipients to whom the message has been sent.

This metric usually includes both SMS sent to correct numbers and those that could not be delivered for some reason.

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Note that it is not the number of SMS sent, as a single recipient may need one or several messages, depending on the message encoding:

  • The maximum length of an SMS is 160 characters or 70 if Unicode is used to include special characters such as accents.
  • If your SMS exceeds this length, it will require more than one message to send it, although the user sees it as a single message.
  • For example, you may have 10 SMS sent and actually have spent 14 messages if 4 have exceeded the length due to custom fields that have extended it more than the rest.

How can I improve the number of sent SMS?

To send more SMS, increase your contact list or obtain consent from those you already have to receive SMS. You can run an email campaign with this goal, offering some incentive.

Additionally, to ensure the number of sent SMS equals the number of recipients and avoid extra costs, reduce the number of characters by writing more concise and direct messages. Before sending, calculate how many messages you will need.