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Simjacker is a vulnerability that affects mobile phones due to an issue with the SIM cards they use.

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What does this vulnerability consist of?

Most SIM cards sold in the last 20 years include a menu about the carrier. This menu provides information about the balance, recharge option, technical support, etc.

The menu is like a set of applications that do not run on the phone itself but on the SIM card. One of these applications is called S@T Browser and is used to view web pages of a certain format and pages located on the carrier's internal network. This application is where the indicated vulnerability is found.

What risks does the user face and how to avoid them?

There is a risk of, for example, constantly tracking the phone's location. The SMS can also be used to make the phone call any number, send messages with random text to arbitrary numbers, open links in the browser, or even disable the SIM card. This vulnerability allows attackers to transfer money via SMS to a bank account, call premium-rate numbers, open phishing pages in the browser, or download trojans.

There is no method for users to avoid these attacks. The responsibility lies with mobile operators, avoiding the use of outdated SIM menu applications and blocking SMS codes that contain dangerous commands.