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Slamming is a fraudulent practice whereby an attempt is made to get a mobile phone user to change their company. The practice consists of a marketer calling a user alerting them of a rate increase from their current provider or a change in contract conditions. During the call, the marketer pretends to be a company and tries to get the user, angry about the change of plan conditions without notice from the company, to provide his or her data to change the telephone provider.

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How can I protect myself from slamming?

Protecting yourself from slamming is easy if you take into account certain considerations.

  • If you face a call of this type, it is important to double check with the company to find out if the changes they are announcing are true. Calling your phone provider is always a good idea.
  • Never give out personal information. It is important that when the company asks for your personal details (ID number, account number...) you do not provide any information of this type if you have not been able to verify the information provided over the phone.