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SMS marketing

Sending mass promotional or transactional campaigns using SMS messages. The mobile channel yields significant results, but just like in email marketing, it's essential to have the consent of users to send these types of messages.

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How to do SMS marketing?

To send a mobile campaign, you need an SMS marketing platform. With a bulk SMS service, you can personalize the message with the sender's phone number and name to make it familiar to the recipient. You will need the recipient's consent for this, but also some additional information that helps you address them in a more personalized manner, such as their name or recent purchase data to make the message more effective.

In this regard, SMS marketing is similar to the email channel because it also requires a database and can be used for both advertising, purely informative, or notification purposes if they are transactional messages. The most obvious difference is the format (potentially visual HTML vs. a short, unformatted message on a mobile device), but precisely because of this, they can complement each other in long-term campaigns.

How to create an SMS marketing campaign?

Once you've chosen a trustworthy provider with direct routes to ensure the proper transmission of SMS and the ability to measure results, you should consider several factors to start sending your SMS. First, it's necessary to define the specific goal of the campaign. For example: promoting registration for an online event, reminding the dates of a promotion, announcing a new store, selling a product through a coupon, communicating the status of an incident...

The second step is to choose the most appropriate recipients for that SMS, for example: customers who have purchased a specific product, those who have not yet registered on the website, those who live in a specific city, or those who spend a certain volume every month...

With the segmentation of the database in mind, i.e., with the different types of messages needed, you can start composing the SMS. Space limitation is a key factor to be direct and seek a quick response, creating a sense of urgency. However, it's also important not to appear as spam. Adding a personal touch to make the recipient feel special and not just the recipient of a mass send is advisable.

Including a link to a landing page to enrich the SMS can lead to more reactions and conversions.