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SMS (Short Message Service)

Service for messages of up to 160 characters between mobile devices, which is why they are considered short. They differ from instant messaging in that they do not require an internet connection to be sent or received since they use the traditional telephone line.

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What is an SMS?

SMS messages are stored on the mobile device, organized as if it were a conversation between the sender and the recipient. This arrangement is followed by other messaging services, including instant messaging, although it is very likely that an SMS sent by a company may not receive a reply, and only their messages will appear.

If an SMS is sent from a private device, the sender's phone number and the recipient's saved name and last name in their address book will appear by default. However, when sending an SMS with a delivery platform, you can choose the sender's phone number and name.

It is important to try to keep the sender the same to build a trust relationship and avoid blocking future communications. It is also interesting to do so to group all the SMS messages over time, allowing access to messages related to the same campaign.

If the text exceeds 160 characters, it will automatically be split into a second SMS. It is important to keep this limitation in mind when using custom fields, such as the name, or inserting legal information for consent management. Additionally, you should be careful with accented characters because some encodings do not accept them, and those that do reduce the maximum length of the SMS.

What are rich SMS?

SMS messages serve their purpose due to their simplicity and are very useful for transactional messages. However, they can be too basic in an environment filled with interaction and more visually impactful elements, such as online marketing. That's why Rich SMS messages include a link to visit and access more information.

Inserting a URL in the message makes the link stand out (changes colour), and the call to action can be more direct. If the user reads the basic information in the SMS and decides to click to visit the landing page, they are more likely to make a purchase or convert than if they have to send a response or make a call.

Rich SMS messages are suitable for any type of promotional campaign, especially those seeking a quick response, such as those focused on impulse buying or sending coupons and offers.