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Squeeze page

A "squeeze page" is a type of landing page focused solely on obtaining the user's email address. Unlike a regular landing page, it uses very direct and more aggressive arguments for conversion, such as offering an irresistible offer or exclusive content.

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Purpose of a Squeeze page

The main goal of this type of page is email collection. Therefore, it is not typically used in email marketing acquisition campaigns but can be found on a website, social media, or other traffic sources, such as advertisements.

The success of a squeeze page is measured by the number of email addresses collected, and to achieve this, strategies like offering an eBook or guide, an exclusive report, a significant discount, or something exclusive that serves as a lead magnet are commonly employed. It should be appealing to the target audience in the discovery stage of the brand, typically at the top of the conversion funnel.

Once the registration is completed, on one hand, access to the content is granted, and a confirmation message with the link is sent. On the other hand, automated messages related to the download are triggered to eventually convert the user into a customer.

What a squeeze page looks like

The structure of a squeeze page is similar to that of a regular landing page because it limits the options available to the user, typically including only a call-to-action button. To increase credibility and conversions, you can add images or videos to accompany the text, as well as various persuasive techniques such as customer testimonials or indicating scarcity in stock to encourage users to submit their email urgently.

However, squeeze pages are usually shorter than standard landing pages because they are more direct. In their simplest form, they can be visually designed like a large banner, with a header, image, very sales-oriented text, and an email field. Unlike a regular landing page, a squeeze page typically does not include a form that asks for additional information, often omitting even the user's name.

How to create a squeeze page

The first step is to identify and create the appropriate incentive for the target audience to willingly provide their email address. Next, you'll need to write the text and prepare images or videos to make it more appealing, and publish them online. Since it's a type of landing page, you can use the same services, designs, or plugins to create a squeeze page. Most of these tools offer templates that can serve as a base and can be personalized with your own content.