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Subscription form

A form that collects user data to turn them into subscribers, including at least their email address and their consent to comply with GDPR, so it must link to the privacy policy. It can be used on a landing page or as a widget on another page.

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What should you consider when creating a subscription form?

Subscription forms can help you capture a large number of leads, but your success will depend largely on how they are designed. Therefore, you should consider several factors when creating your form.

You should have a clear goal to define the content and design. For example, if you want to increase the number of registrations with a lead magnet type of content or if you want to boost sales by offering a discount. Additionally, you should provide the information that you think your users need to know in order to subscribe. Explain to them what types of campaigns they will receive, how often, the advantages and benefits of subscribing, etc. However, you should keep it simple and get to the point; you will have the opportunity to provide more information later.

The call-to-action button is very important and should be written with your customer in mind to convince them to click. Avoid typical words like "submit" or "download" and use versions that speak to the user's perspective, like "I want to subscribe."

The form should be easy to locate; it could be in a pop-up, a fixed bar at the top, a widget in the blog's sidebar, etc.

Finally, make sure to comply with GDPR. The form should have a checkbox to confirm the user's consent and show them what will be done with their data. Use double opt-in to ensure the user's genuine interest and the quality of your list.

What types of subscription forms can I use?

There are different ways to present your subscription form, and you can choose one based on your objectives. On one hand, there's the classic form, an HTML form that you can integrate anywhere on your website.

On the other hand, you can use a top bar on your page to offer your visitors the option to subscribe in a non-intrusive way. On the opposite end, there are pop-ups; you can trigger a pop-up with the subscription form when users spend some time on your page, click on a section or button, or exhibit specific behaviour. You can also set it to appear when a visitor is about to leave the page to encourage them to subscribe before doing so.

Finally, there are also sidebar forms. In these cases, users can easily see that they can subscribe because it's a highly visible location, but they are not inconvenienced by a pop-up, as in the previous cases.

Regardless of the type of form you choose, don't forget to dedicate time to its design and wording to capture your customers' attention and get the maximum number of subscribers.