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Temporary email address

An email account that becomes inactive after a certain period from its creation, whether it's a few hours or several days. It is used to avoid disclosing personal information when registering on websites, downloading content, or accessing offers that require providing an email address.

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Do Temporary Email Accounts Affect My Email Marketing?

Yes, temporary email accounts have a negative impact on our company's email marketing. As mentioned earlier, the purpose of these temporary email accounts is to register for something in exchange for nothing more than a temporary email, without offering personal information. Their temporary nature means that once these email addresses stop functioning, they become hard bounces, which can affect our deliverability. Even during their active period, our messages may not be delivered because some temporary email servers limit the number of messages they can receive and their size.

If we have a significant number of temporary email addresses in our databases, our deliverability can be compromised, even with valid email addresses. A high bounce rate could lead email clients to classify our emails as spam, making it difficult to reach subscribers genuinely interested in receiving our communications.

Finally, it's important to consider that achieving our goals becomes challenging when our lists are filled with temporary email addresses. The fact that individuals provide these emails when completing a form suggests their interaction with us is temporary, as they are seeking something in exchange. Consequently, conversion may be challenging to achieve.

How Can I Prevent My Email List from Being Filled with Temporary Emails?

The easiest way to prevent the registration of temporary email addresses in our subscriber lists is to implement mechanisms that detect these accounts during the form registration process and block them. An alternative method involves routinely checking our lists to ensure they remain clean. This not only helps remove temporary email addresses but also eliminates non-existent addresses that contribute to a high hard bounce rate. Additionally, providing information about our privacy policies and data handling when a person unsubscribes can influence their behaviour when completing the registration.

Though not as straightforward as the previous method, another option is to earn the trust of individuals who create temporary addresses to receive our communications. If we manage to generate interest and send our emails in a staggered manner without being classified as spam, we may convince these individuals to switch from temporary to conventional email addresses.

Please note that if you use our platform, temporary emails will never be imported when you upload your databases.