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Tracking user behaviour inside and outside email campaigns. It is possible through link encoding included in the campaign, which allows you to track clicks to visit a website and determine if they resulted in conversions.

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What is email tracking?

In user-to-user emails, email tracking allows you to know if the recipient has opened and clicked on any links within the message. It's especially useful when referencing important information such as quotes or invoices, as the sender can monitor customer behaviour directly from their email client, such as Outlook or Gmail.

For mass email campaigns, email tracking provides more specialized statistics that help you understand what has worked better or worse, allowing you to optimize future campaigns.

What is the best email tracker?

There are several options in the market, with MailTrack likely being the most popular. It works by adding an image to the email's signature or footer in the messages sent, similar to mass email campaigns. By installing a browser extension, you can see if the recipient opened the email and how many times they did so, as well as receive notifications if desired.

It's a free tool, much like EmailTracker and MailTracker, which offer similar functionalities.