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Transactional SMS

These are types of SMS sent to a user after they have taken an action, such as making a purchase or booking a service. They function as notifications, for example, to inform them about the status of their order or remind them of an appointment.

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What are the benefits of transactional SMS?

The major advantage of using SMS in marketing is that they are fast and effective, which is crucial when it comes to providing a good customer experience. Providing real-time information regarding a shipment with transactional messages is a way to offer peace of mind and confirm to the customer that they have made their purchase from a reliable company.

Additionally, since SMS doesn't require a data network, they are very reliable and have the highest open rate, ensuring that the customer is well-informed about what they need to know. It's also important to consider that in this type of messages, the user is expecting to receive a notification, so it's beneficial to make it as direct as possible.

In this regard, it's advisable to establish a messaging workflow to balance the channels used to communicate with the customer: in some cases, an SMS might be suitable, while in others, an email or even a phone call might be necessary to resolve an issue.

Examples of transactional SMS

The content of a transactional SMS is personalized and depends on the user's action (purchase, registration, booking, etc.). There are various possible notifications depending on the business model and the industry of the company using them.

An example that includes various possibilities is for an online purchase. The process begins with the customer registering on the website, and they receive an SMS to confirm their number and validate their access. When they make a purchase, they receive another message to inform them that the payment has been completed.

During the shipping process, the message comes from the carrier to notify the customer that the package has been received, along with a reference number. On the day of delivery, the customer is informed in advance and then notified after the process is completed.

A few days later, the online store confirms that the points for this purchase have been added to their loyalty card and mentions any points they have left, if they have an expiration date.

Leveraging their immediacy, another type of transactional SMS relates to incidents or emergencies that need to be urgently communicated to the customer.