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10 examples of legal terms communication

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Legal terms are often hidden at the bottom of email marketing campaigns, with small print that doesn't encourage reading. However, when changes are made, they need to be communicated and made easy to understand because they affect the relationship with the company. So, it's advisable to prepare a different type of email from the usual, with some characteristics like the ones we'll explain with the following examples.


Brand Heading

Adding a descriptive title to the message is the most common option, but it can also be given a corporate touch if the "why" is focused on as well as the "what". It's a way to demonstrate that your company is trustworthy while also helping your user understand the reasons behind the change.


Imagen Política privacidad No

Source: Really Good Emails


Lead with the Most Important

The date on which the changes will take place is the primary piece of information to communicate. Placing it within the first words of the email is a way to ensure it's known. Afterward, add key questions with subtitles or highlights to address the most important doubts.

Imagen Thumbtack términos lega

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Short and Direct

These types of messages are usually brief since there's no need to add excessive information. Recognizing that most of the time, not all of the content will be read, it's important to prepare it as if it were a quick notification. Being concise will also make it more understandable.

Imagen Google términos lega

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Priority on Visual Comprehension

Summarizing user-impacting changes with bullet points is a visual way to try to draw their attention to the important aspects so that they at least read that part and grasp the essential changes.



Source: Really Good Emails

Learn More Button

It's unlikely that a notice campaign about changes in terms of use will get many clicks, but the necessary ones should still be included, making it clear that users can learn more about the update or access a post that explains it in more detail.



Source: Really Good Emails


Translation for All Audiences

Everything related to legal terms and privacy policy is usually written in what we would call lawyer jargon, meaning it's not always accessible to everyone. Crafting an explanation to make it easier to read can be considered a translation, as demonstrated by this example.


Imagen Simple traducción terminos lega

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With a Touch of Humor

Legal topics should be taken seriously, but they can be communicated with the same humor that the company always employs. Using a lighthearted tone can help capture more attention to the message.


Imagen Wistia términos legales con h

Source: Really Good Emails


A notice of change in legal terms should be sent with a template that's as simple as possible. To avoid a sense of opacity from the company, you can use slightly larger font size and ensure that the line spacing between paragraphs creates whitespace.


Imagen Uber términos y condicio

Source: Really Good Emails


Founders' Letter

There are updates in the customer relationship that need to be communicated from the management, executives, or the founders. The style in these cases is very different from other messages because it's more conversational, an explanation from us to you, even when referring to the company as "we."


Imagen Carta fundad

Source: Really Good Emails


A Possible Conversation

Even if it's not a letter, the sender should not be a "do-not-reply" address in case the user has any questions and responds to the email. You can also provide contact details or link to a list of frequently asked questions.


Imagen Trunk términos lega

Source: Really Good Emails

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