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12 tools to manage and improve your marketing content

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Imagen 12 tools to manage and improve your marketing con

Creating a newsletter is just one part of the content that can be created under the umbrella of a marketing strategy. That's why, after telling you about the 30 essential tools for your email marketing, we extend the range of action to another 12 that will help you in different aspects related to content.

1. Miro

Its whiteboards are infinite canvases on which you can design from scratch or with pre-designed templates, for example, mind maps, workflows, SWOT matrices, Eisenhower... It is useful to clarify ideas before creating a campaign.

2. Trello

This project management tool based on Kanban boards will help you to organise your action calendar. It is a very simple way of planning with the possibility of adding links, notes, task lists and due dates.

3. Whimsical

Making prototypes or wireframes for websites, landings or apps is very agile with this design tool that even non-designers can use. It can also be used to take notes, so it is practical for creating briefings.

4. ClickUp

An all-in-one app that can replace all the apps you are already using for to-do lists, projects, office automation, reminders, time management... This way you can centralise all your actions and decisions in the same place.

5. BlogsterApp

Ideal for automatically sharing your content on social networks so that they are always up to date. You can create diffusion lists and change the texts and have metrics of how they work to revise them.


It offers a multitude of templates to create videos for social networks from stock images, videos and sounds. We recommend you use it to create small promotional clips inserted in your articles to give them more dynamism.

7. Spidwit

It stands out for two complementary functionalities that few offer: on the one hand, every day it recommends you a piece of content based on the theme you have chosen and, on the other hand, it allows you to share it on your networks.

8. DinoRANK

A SEO suite with all the options to control your keywords and those of your competitors, suggestions for content strategy, review of internal links and management of external links, among other features.

9. Hashtagify

If your networks are Instagram and Twitter, this tool will help you to know which hashtags are the most used so you can use them both to incorporate them into your updates and to identify influencers to contact.


Although they recently reduced the free account options, it's still sufficient for automated management of many of those time-consuming little routines. We recommend it for connecting social networks, but it can be integrated with almost anything - it even has home automation functionality!

11. Visme

It is an online tool that allows all users to create designs that make their presentations more dynamic to visually communicate data, concepts and ideas. With Visme you can create banners, infographics, animations, professional presentations and graphics, among others. No design knowledge is required.

12. Metricool

Don't let the name fool you: this tool offers you statistics on your social networks and web, but it also allows you to create social updates and choose when to share them, precisely according to the data obtained.


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