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December is already here, and at Acrelia, we are excited to celebrate it with you uniquely. This year, we have created a digital Advent Calendar, full of daily surprises related to the thrilling world of email marketing.

Join us every day as we explore the 25 content nuggets specially designed to help you improve your email strategy and captivate your audience.




Daily Email Marketing Tips

Day 1. What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing uses email as a mass distribution system for messages, making it the digital conversion of traditional direct mail marketing.

Discover the most important concepts about email marketing in our glossary.




Day 2. Advantages of Email in a Marketing Strategy

Email is one of the most personal channels to connect with customers and potential clients. Discover all the advantages this channel can offer you.



Day 3. What Types of Communications Can Be Sent?

Marketing and communication departments send many messages, both within and outside the company. All of them fall under email marketing, leading to a wide range of possibilities. Discover all the types of email marketing that exist.



Day 4. How to Choose an Email Marketing Provider

Discover the essential points that your email marketing provider should meet.

GDPR, personalized support, powerful campaign editor, and advanced statistics. With these criteria, you'll be closer to finding your ideal email marketing provider.

Day 5. Email marketing planning and strategy

An email marketing strategy is more than just sending a newsletter when you have time. There are different objectives that can be achieved, many types of messages, and many possible segmentations.

Keeping track of all this is the most effective way to ensure conversions and improve results in every communication. That's why you need a plan for email marketing. 



Day 6. Creating contact lists

Contact lists are more than just a name under which to group contacts. You should pay attention to configure them, as they will determine what data is stored for your contacts and what information will be displayed to them when sending emails.

One way to ensure that the list stays clean is by verifying emails before sending. For example, if a lot of time has passed since the last communication with subscribers, some addresses may no longer exist, or suspicious or temporary ones may have slipped in.




Day 7. Responsive Campaign Design

Good design is like a magnet for attention in the chaotic digital world. In email marketing, visual appearance can make the difference between success and failure.

You don't need technical knowledge to achieve professional design; in the email marketing campaign design guide, you'll find practical tips to get the most out of your mailings.


Day 8. How to craft the message subject

The message subject is your first opportunity to grab readers' attention and get them to open your email marketing campaigns. But, what elements should you focus on to increase the open rate with each send?

In our guide "Message Subject, Your Path to Success", you'll find these and other recommendations to optimize it, making it more appealing.

Day 9. Copywriting for email marketing

Copywriters use words to persuade and arrange them in an order that has been proven to work (and often has easy-to-remember acronyms, as we'll see).

These formulas or writing techniques are structures that can be recognized by analyzing texts, although readers only perceive that their interest in learning more about the product increases, leading to clicking to purchase.

Day 10. Designing effective calls to action (CTAs)

Calls to action are how you instruct the user on what to do after opening and reading an email marketing campaign. They are essential to achieving sales, traffic, or the communication goal.

It can be a more or less direct signal, but without a call to action, the opportunity for them to take the next step is lost, resulting in effectiveness in the deliveries.

Day 11. Best day to send a newsletter

If you regularly send email marketing communications to your subscribers, you've probably wondered what is the best day of the week to send and achieve results.

The million-dollar question: What is the best day to send?

Day 12. Basic statistics in email marketing 

One of the greatest advantages of using an email marketing platform to send our newsletters and commercial communications is the insight provided by the statistics.

Understanding the information provided by statistics is crucial as it allows us to determine whether our campaign was successful or not. It also helps us understand how our subscribers interact with it and which content generates the most interest.

Day 13. Effective Subscriber Segmentation

There are several ways to make your campaigns stand out more and achieve their goals through personalization: tags, segments, and dynamic content.

Download in PDF “Dynamic Content: The Next Step in Personalizing Your Email Marketing” to get the most out of your campaigns.



Day 14. How to Test Email Campaigns

In email marketing, it's more common than it seems to skip a thorough review of a campaign before sending it out. According to our data, many users settle for running a single test, when there are many more that contribute to ensuring messages go out flawlessly. And one mistake can impact all results, including both opens and conversions.

Discover how to save time and avoid mistakes in our PDF guide on testing your email marketing campaigns.


Day 15. Evergreen Content for Emails

When creating corporate content for any channel, it's important to consider its temporality, meaning how long it will remain relevant once made public.

If we plan a long-term strategy, it's inevitable to focus on what is known as evergreen or timeless content: that which, even after some time, a couple of months, or even a year, remains equally useful for the user.


Day 16. Customer Retention Strategy

When someone subscribes to your newsletter, it's because they have a great interest or motivation to follow updates about your brand, product, or service. However, over time, engagement tends to decrease, and open and click-through rates also decline. We find that a high percentage of subscribers either unsubscribe or become inactive.

The key to retaining customers is to make them feel special. Use the information you have about them to personalize your campaigns.



Day 17. Mistakes to Avoid in Mailing Database Management

Do you think the list stays clean on its own? Is shortening links a good idea? Is the weekend a bad time to send? Is deliverability about the emails sent? Does video marketing not go well with email? Or should you always resend to those who didn't open your last campaign?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are making mistakes in your email marketing.


Day 18. Analysis of Advanced Email Marketing Metrics

Once you have sent out your campaign, it's time to analyze and delve into the results you have obtained.

Understanding the information provided by the statistics is crucial so that you can assess the success or failure of a campaign and determine the appropriate corrective measures for future mailings.

Day 19. Customizing Email Campaign Content

Custom fields in email marketing (also known as merge tags or custom tags) allow us to store additional information about our subscribers and use it to customize and segment our email deliveries.


Day 20. Email list verification 

For email marketing to be a profitable tool, it's important to manage our database well and have clean contact lists.

One way to ensure that the list stays clean is by verifying emails before sending them. For example: if it has been a long time since the last communication with subscribers, some addresses may no longer exist, or some suspicious or temporary ones may have slipped in.

Day 21. Integration of Social Media with Email Marketing

Despite the significant growth in the number of users, social media has yet to replace email as a communication channel.

Take advantage and leverage social media to boost the results of your campaigns and enhance their reach with the help of the email marketing and social media guide.


Day 22. Most Common Errors When Creating a Newsletter

Do you think the list cleans itself? Is shortening links a good idea? Is the weekend a bad time to send? Is deliverability about the emails sent? Does video marketing not go well with email? Or do you always have to resend to those who didn't open your last campaign?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are making mistakes in your email marketing.

Day 23. Reactivation Strategies for Inactive Subscribers

All lists have some contacts that seem to ignore the emails. These are the people who have a very low open rate compared to the average, even as low as 0%, and rarely or never click.

The reasons for this can be varied, and the key to reactivating them and maintaining good overall statistics lies in discovering them.




Day 24. Best Practices in Email Marketing

To achieve a successful email marketing strategy, it is as important to know your resources well as it is to know what your competition is doing. You can address the former by conducting a complete audit; for the latter, you need to research and draw conclusions that you can apply.




Day 25. Farewell to the Calendar. 

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