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15 email marketing guides to download the PDF

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Imagen 15 email marketing guides to download the

On our website, you can find more than 30 ebooks about email marketing. You can download them in PDF format and use them to improve specific aspects of your campaigns, get inspired by the examples they include, or gain a better understanding of everything surrounding email marketing.

To make it easy for you to choose where to start, we've selected a couple of guides for each specialization. This way, you can prioritize based on your needs, although we certainly recommend reading them all to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills as a professional.


Email marketing ebooks you should read if you're just starting

  • Email marketing for beginners: We address the most common questions about planning, types of campaigns, campaign design, statistics... everything you need to know to get started.

Imagen ebook email marketing for begin

  • How to Get Subscribers for Your Email Marketing: It's the main concern for anyone and something that should never be overlooked. We provide tips based on our experience to help increase the quality of your contact list, not just the quantity.

Imagen ebook how to get subscri

Ebooks to Elevate Your Campaigns

  • Email Marketing Checklist: This comprehensive list for reviewing your emails might not be short, but it's worth dedicating a few minutes to ensure everything is perfect. Plus, there are automated tests available.

Imagen Ebook CheckL

Imagen 60 errores que debes evitar en tu email marke

Email Marketing Ebooks for Marketing Professionals

  • Email Marketing Calendar 2023: What's being celebrated today or upcoming? It's very possible that you can leverage an international day to run a timely promotional campaign.

Imagen Calendario de email market

  • Effective CTA Design: If clicks are your metric to gauge promotion success, this is your guide. It includes notes on copywriting and design to boost your conversion rate.

Imagen ebook effective CTA de

Email Marketing Ebooks for Communication

Imagen ebook email marketing strategy for ev

Imagen ebook email marketing for internal communica

Email Marketing Ebooks for Designers

Imagen Tipografía en email market

Imagen ebook 10 email marketing campaigns with good design pract

Email Marketing Ebooks for Copywriters

Imagen ebook 5 key elements for writing a newsle

Imagen ebook persuasion applied to email marke

Email Marketing Ebooks to Understand Technical Aspects

Imagen ebook the secrets of deliverability in email marke

  • Accessibility in Email Marketing: There are tools that help you verify if your email is accessible or what aspects of design, content, or programming can be improved.

Imagen ebook accessibility in email marke

Still want to read more? A bonus: Periodic Table of Email Marketing with details about the factors influencing each send. And you have many more in our section of email marketing ebooks.

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