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Email marketing vs. Content marketing

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A few days ago we explained that a newsletter is just an instrument in email marketing strategy. Something similar happens with content marketing because we can see it as a way of focusing our newsletter content. But better go step by step and the first thing is to understand clearly what is content marketing.

A definition of content marketing is to create content that our audience considers interesting in order to identify us as a valuable resource. The goal is not to promote the company or its products directly, if not position itself as an expert in a particular topic. This is to convey our values, our brand and not so much the new products we launch to the market.

So, is it possible to make content marketing through email? Of course, the two strategies combine well although obviously they are not the unique ways. The content may have different formats such as posts in the corporate blog, social media updates, guides, videos, photos ... and newsletters too. But email marketing can have several purposes.

Two examples to see it clearer: when a real estate makes a tweet with a link to the party program in the neighborhood where is located or sends an email to its customers about how can prepare their terrace for a family holiday, then is doing marketing content. Instead, it will not be if a school communicates with students parents to notify them of their childrens results or if publishes a post with organized upcoming events. The channel is the same but the goal is different and, therefore, it is also the content's type that is sent.

When defining a content marketing and email marketing strategy, there are similar points:

  • Objectives: within email marketing have place promotional content oriented to sales but not in content marketing. But when it comes to attracting new customers, both options work well together.
  • Target: both the one and the other are strategies that care for their audience. In the case of email because you can segment exactly who will receive the messages; in content marketing because only those that interest to a specific target profile are published.
  • Calendar: knowing when to publish is as basic in content marketing as in email marketing because it lets you know what actions are being done in each department.

Finally, the results we can expect from content marketing are very different compared to email, basically due a temporary issue: in general, content marketing does not have the same expiration that might have a purchase-oriented newsletter. In this case, mark the urgency from the same subject can help. It does not work like content marketing because nothing happens if he reads our message a few days after being sent.

Thus, email marketing statistics are based on campaigns: open rate, click rate and sales, being this last the data that really matters. Instead, when measuring an informative email campaign focused on content marketing, like sending an infographic of our sector, the action does not necessarily have a direct impact on our sales of that day because, remember, we are not sending commercial content. It will have it at long term as subscribers will positively consider us in future purchasing decisions.

The combination of both content approaches, one more promotional than the other, is what will help us achieve the objectives: first catching their attention with content marketing and then ensure the conversion with email marketing.

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