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Have you ever thought using email marketing as a way to get people interested in your courses? A training center, both if is a language school or a school which teaches masters, may include email messages in their marketing actions in order to get new students and also to maintain a relationship with them.

Unlike when subscribers are wanted for a newsletter, in a lead capture campaign the sign in form is located on a landing page where all marketing efforts are concentrated. That's why these pages must be take care of and optimized: you have to make the most out of it because, for example, Adwords can be paid to get more traffic.

Next we share with you some practical recommendations for your landing pages so you could adapt them to the kind of training center you are:

  • Write a catchy title, go beyond the certificate obtained by the user. For example, do not say only 'English course', try to get the attention with something interesting for them like 'Direct your life...'Describe the training you're providing using vignettes in the learning objectives, a dynamic video with the teacher explaining what they do in the class, a sentence of a former student who recommends it ...
  • Seduce your readers with oriented content to the benefits they'll get and your differentiation from other centers.
  • Avoid distractions that keep users away from filling the form: remove all the content they don't need and leave what can help. For example, remove the buttons 'Follow us on social networks' but keep 'Share' once have sent their data.

As for the form itself, you have two options to consider in your lead capture strategy: do you prefer quantity or quality?

  1. By using only the basic fields you ensure a higher number of email campaigns but then you'll have to invest more time in monitoring them.
  2. If you ask them all the information you need, the conversion will be lower but leads will have more quality because they will have shown truly interest and you wll be able to segment them better later.

A small tip: don't forget indicate how long will take to receive a response or if meanwhile they can check additional information. You can also encourage them to share the training course in social networks.

Email marketing is a perfect tool for keeping in touch with your subscribers, whether are students or not yet.The perfect excuse and something very common in training centers is the celebration of events. We give you some ideas although we are sure more options will occur to you if you think on the bulletin board or your center's calendar. For example:

  • Events in the Training Center: professional orientation lectures, alumni conferences, new courses promotions...
  • Off-site activities: excursions to museums or monuments for exchange students, talks that can complete some subjects and that teachers recommend...
  • Academic management alerts: to students, reminders of holidays or long vacations that affect student's calendar, and to teachers new calls alerts to ask them for help with the promotion.

Segmentation is very important to ensure that we send the right information to the right person: Please do not send never all the information to all your contacts, separate your communications depending on the type of student and focus your email campaigns to their specific interests.

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