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Segmentation and personalization in email marketing

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Personalization in email marketing, dooesn't simply mean writing a "Hello [name]" at the beginning of your email, it means send information that suits the needs, tastes and preferences of your subscribers.

Personalize your email marketing mailings is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Before customizing your emails you have to make sure you have the necessary information and that it is accurate enough to do so with guarantees.

Personalize a mailing incorrectly, sending irrelevant or incorrect information, can terribly annoy your subscribers and condemn your email marketing to failure. 

Remember that, before personalizing wrongly is always better not personalize.

Advantages to personalize your mailings

Improve the aperture ratio. According to a study by Experian Marketing Services, customized messages can increase up to 29% the aperture ratio of the emails.

Strengthen the relationship between customer-company. Establish a close communication and adapt to your subscribers'preferences, making them feel more connected to your company which means a greater commitment and loyalty.

Increases the conversion rate. Personalization enables doubling conversion rates. Messages adapted to the customer needs convert up to two times more than ordinary messages, according to the same study by Experian Marketing Services.

How to get data to help you personalize your mailings

Before personalizing your mailings you have to evaluate which information have from your subscribers and whether it is sufficient to achieve the level of personalization you want. 

Getting a high segmentation of your lists is a long-distance race. The larger your database is and bigger your porfolio of product and services, the greater effort you will have to make to achieve a high level of segmentation.

Initially your segments will be broader and generic, but little by little, thanks to the information that you extract from users'interactions and conversions, you could configure more specific segments.

Although a priori you only have email available, there are various mechanisms that allow you to get the data you need to make a personalized and relevant email marketing campaign:

  • Last purchase. The last purchase that a customer made in your physical / online shop is a good start to get information and use it in your mailings. Information about location, type of product purchased, expenditure ... can help you make a first approximation of their interests.

  • Forms. Subscription forms to your newsletter or log into your web site or online store are the best place to get information relevant from your users. However, if you exceed requesting data can cause users do not end up completing the information. Be specific and ask only those data that are relevant to your business and to the personalization you want to achieve.

  • Preferences center. A good opportunity to gather useful information about your subscribers is through a preference center. The aim of the centers of preferences is to offer users the ability to update their data, specify their topics of interest, types of communications they want to receive and how often they want to send your communications. All this information will be of great help when it comes to segment your lists and customize your campaigns.

  • Multi-channel data capture. Track your customers/potential customers interactions with your business from any channel where you have presence, can offer useful information. Monitor the openings, clicks and conversions of your emails, visits to your site, specific product purchases your blog reading, social network interaction, subscription to your newsletter, content downloading ... This information will allow you to get a much more detailed idea of your users profile.

  • Data update campaigns. A good way to get the information you need from your subscribers is to design and submit a campaign to update data. In it you will ask your users to update their information by offering some advantage or benefit for doing so: a discount coupon for your online store, exclusive access to contents or promotions...

  • Categorized campaigns. Another good way to get information about your subscriber is launching a campaign with several different sections to help you understand the preferences of your subscribers and segment them into groups. Some examples:

    • If you want to know the gender of your subscriber, the best way to know is by making a mailing that shows your products in two groups: for him and her. So, depending on where he/she clicks you will know whether it is a man or a woman: 

    • If you want to know which products arouse greater interest in your subscribers, you can create campaigns with different sections showing the different product categories you offer. For example, if you have a sports shop and want to know what kind of sport practice / matters to your subscriber, you can create a campaign where the subscriber can choose what kind of athlete is:


Email marketing is the easiest way to communicate in a personalized, direct and effective way your subscribers. To have a database segment with relevant information from your subscribers will allow you to adapt your mailings to communicate in a close and relevant way and maximize your results.

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