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Are you sending a newsletter or you do email marketing?

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Imagen Are you sending a newsletter or you do email market

As an advanced email campaign management service provider, we often find that some companies think that a newsletter is the only email marketing possible action. But sending a newsletter is just the tip of the iceberg.

Before going further, let's look at some differences between these two concepts:

  • A newsletter is sent to the subscriber base for a particular purpose, usually report the company news company because they are usually sent to customers. It is another channel more within the corporate communication plan as, for example, the web page. As such, serves to position the brand and engage users establishing long-term relationship.
  • Email marketing is a marketing strategy that includes the planning of several sendings or actions. The aim is usually to sell and so is complemented by other strategies such as social media marketing. Most emails like this are promotional so that conversion is a key factor to measure its success.

We can consider that a newsletter is a part of email marketing as everything that we send through email is part of the same strategy. Thus, both may have a common database or a similar design to keep the corporate look&feel. However, the content would be different. For example, in the newsletter the most common call-to-action is 'Keep reading' to carry to the website news while on a promotional sending are used' View product details', 'Add to cart' or 'Sign in this event now '.

If your company is already sending a newsletter, it is in the initial phase of email marketing but it can still grow much more if is incorporated into a larger strategy. For example, to get more subscribers you can offer an e-book guide to download in exchange of the email address as we do in Acrelia News. Thus, in addition to your customers, in your newsletter also you have people who in the future could become so.

That's when segmentation makes the difference. A newsletter is usually sent to the entire database with the belief that all subscribers are awaiting the company news. But if you practice email marketing you will know that better choose who receives it depending the interest groups ensures better results and avoids spam.

Precisely measurement is a factor that can raise the level of your sendings because lets you select, for example, who to send an offer that for months have not bought any product. This campaign would not be then a simple informative newsletter but an attempt to revive a specific group of customers. You would then practicing email marketing based on the subscribers behavior and not on your communication needs. It is therefore essential to know well your database, your own and not rented.

One of the ways to make the most of any marketing strategy is to know both its foundations and its boundaries. You see that email marketing options are many, do not stay alone with just sending a monthly newsletter if you want to use a professional tool: think big to get the best performance out of it!.


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