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How to create the perfect welcome email

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Imagen How to create the perfect welcome e

The user fills in your registration form, confirms their address and you have what you want: their email. You then have two options: to run away with the prize or to take a moment to start what could be a good relationship.

If the first option seems a good idea for you, think again about it because it means that you won't talk to him again until you have a new campaign, i.e. you will start your relationship by asking him to buy. Whereas if you prefer the second option, you will send him a welcome email (or maybe several) to define the fantastic friendship you want to have with him.

Reasons to welcome new customers

A welcome email has a direct advantage for customers of our contact list as they also get what they want (a discount or a download in the case of lead magnets) and many benefits for the company that sends them:

  • It introduces the brand and allows you to have a friendlier voice than you will have in other, probably more commercial emails.
  • It usually has a high opening rate because the user is waiting for it in their inbox as a confirmation or to get the discount they signed up for.
  • It gets clicks and converts because you can also include offers, links to recent articles, references to support channels, links to social media...
  • It allows you to segment future mailings and completes the profile, so you only have to ask for basic data on the subscription form.
  • It's immediate and automatic, so it doesn't take up any time (only when you create it for the first time).

Because of this, we encourage you to review your current welcome email taking into account the following recommendations to use copywriting that allows you to know better your subscribers but also to start making your new relationship profitable. 

Types of welcome emails 

Depending on your email marketing strategy, there is more than one welcome email that you can send:


The most basic includes a thank you, contact information and not much more. It's not usually attention-grabbing, although it can be cost-effective for the brand if it serves to reflect your personality with an illustration or animation.


Source: Really Good Emails


It is a way of presenting the company from the subscriber's point of view to show them that they have done the right thing by signing up.


Source: Really Good Emails


If you offer an online service, this is the best way to start explaining how it works or some tips on how to get the most out of it.


Source: Really Good Emails


By giving them a gift (discount or exclusive offer), especially if they are not expecting it, you will gain their attention to your product or service.


Source: Really Good Emails


You can add buttons or a link to recent content to get followers on social networks, but the welcome is more useful when it is targeted at new subscribers to attract their contacts to the newsletter.


Source: Really Good Emails


12 tips for writing a welcome email

Although you can use a template similar to your usual mailings, a welcome email is not like the rest. You have to take special care of your text because the first impression is the one that counts. Here are some recommendations:

  • Start with the basics: thank them for their trust. You can do this in the subject line or the body of the message, for example with a great image or animation that reflects the joy of having them as a customer.
  • Satisfy their curiosity by explaining what they can expect from your messages. You can also add a touch of mystery in the subject line, not just in the introduction of the email so that they are sure to open it.
  • Explain the benefits in a way that is both a confirmation of what they already know and a discovery of those that were more hidden.
  • Structure the information well to get to the point and not create an overly long email that will bore them and they will not read completely. Use bullet points, and graphics and don't forget the white space.
  • Speak naturally, as if it were an informal presentation before a meeting. Don't use an overly commercial tone, you don't always have to sell your products or services.
  • Make them feel loved and appreciated as subscribers by giving them what they expect from your company in the easiest and most direct possible way.
  • Show that you know them by using personalisation so that the offers you send them to seem more attractive, and designed for them.
  • Include a social component with a sentence that serves as a testimonial from other users who are happy to receive your messages.
  • Ask them questions that will help you better understand their interests. Depending on the volume of registrations you have, it could be to complete their profile, a survey or an open-ended question to respond to with an email.
  • Add a call to action that takes them to the next level, from subscriber to customer. Encourage them to buy, either with a discount coupon, a list of the latest news or best-selling products.
  • Sign with contact details, opening hours, social profiles and anything else that makes them see that you are there to help them if they have a problem. Show closeness by avoiding "do-not-reply" as a sender.
  • Ask them to add you as a contact or remove you from the promotions tab: it is the most direct way to go to the subscribers' inbox and avoid spam.

Welcome emails are a digital marketing opportunity to thank the user for wanting to be part of your database: take care of them from the first message and you will have more chances to become a loyal customer. 

How to automate a welcome message?

With our platform, it is very simple and it will only take you a few minutes to set it up. As with the birthday greeting automation, you need to create an event: choose the type ("Welcome message"), a name (not visible to your contacts) and the list you want to associate it with (if you later import contacts or add them manually, you can choose whether or not to send them this automation).

When creating the content of the message, you don't need to rely on a new or text-based design as if it were a simple notification: consider this communication as another campaign. Therefore, it is best to use your own template. You will start showing your colours and the user will associate them with your brand from the very beginning of your contact.

The next step is the most relevant: when do you want the welcome message to be sent? You can program it to be sent just after the moment of registration or after a few hours or days. This way, you can combine automation and communicate with the same user several times depending on when they sign up. For example: with an instant welcome message and after a month send them a survey so that they can expand their profile or give you more information about their interests. You would only have to create two automations.


The last step of the setup is to activate the event. You can always make changes afterwards, but you will have to pause it because they cannot be changed while they are active. You can see all their statuses in the event list where you can also access the statistics of those already sent to analyse the response achieved.


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