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6 essential elements in a welcome email

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Imagen 6 essential elements in a welcome e

A welcome email is not a confirmation to let the subscriber know that the registration has been successful. It is much more than that: a welcome email is an opportunity to convert their attention into interest and action. Imagine that it is the most important campaign of the year and make sure to take care of the following elements so that it serves the objectives of your email marketing strategy because it has a higher open rate than the rest.


Timing of sending

Acrelia’s automations allow you to send it instantly because that is when the new subscriber is more aware of their inbox, but also because the interaction with your brand is fresher. At that moment, when it is clear to them why they have subscribed to your newsletter, they are more responsive to the messages you send them.



Subject of the welcome message

If you use this same word in the subject line of your newsletter, you are probably thinking of putting "Welcome aboard the newsletter of..." as the welcome email message. This is a descriptive option that may be sufficient, but we encourage you to try an alternative that attracts more attention, especially if you have offered something in exchange for the registration. 

For example: "We welcome you with an exclusive discount" or "The code to save 5% on your first purchase".


Source: Shift4Shop


Personalisation of the sender and for the recipient

Until now, the user was a stranger, but as soon as they have let you know their details you can use them to give the message a personal touch and introduce a warmer greeting: insert their name tag as the recipient and yours as the sender of the communication, not just the name of the company. This way you will start to establish bonds with your new subscribers from the very first welcome email. 

In addition, you can ask them any questions that were not included in the registration form and thus expand your database for your next email campaigns.


Source: Really Good Emails


Quality content

The main message can be used to give them what they are waiting for (download, discount code), but you can also show them a preview of what they will receive in the future. To do this, add links to various formats, such as previous newsletters, latest posts, recent videos or the most downloaded guides. In this way, you take them out of their email manager and take them into your own territory because you can also show them your best-selling products or services.


Basic maintenance

There are four elements that cannot be missing in the first message that a subscriber receives and that, in general, are usually placed in the footer of the templates, but in the welcome email they have more prominence than usual:

  • Adding you as a contact is a basic, and quick, request to increase deliverability and not go to the spam folder. 
  • Icons so that they can follow you on their favourite social network and thus access content or notices that they will not receive by email.
  • Share the link to the registration form on networks so that their contacts can also do so. 
  • Link to unsubscribe, although it sounds strange because you have just welcomed them, it must be included for legal reasons.


A mesmerising template

It's time for a warm welcome, not a standard institutional message. So, you can't just send an email like any other to thank them for subscribing to your newsletter. Get creative and use a unique template for this automation. Of course, it has to follow your style, but you can insert a different image that is striking and makes a good first impression.


Check out these 10 examples to get inspired and create the perfect welcome email.

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