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Spammer by accident

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People receive many emails every day, many of them commercial, which make them particularly sensitive and can mark your email as spam even though you're sending them emails because they gave their consent.

When we talk about marking an email as spam, we do not refer to that ends in the spam folder, but the recipient of your email voluntarily mark your email as spam.

The fact that a subscriber marks your content as spam is much worse than if he decides to unsubscribe from your list, because it can affect your deliverability. Remind that the percentage of complaints that you must get after a sending must tend to 0%.

If you want to avoid being considered as spammer by accident, you must follow these recomendations:

  • Remind the subscriber why receives your emails: Include a reminder text in your email explaining your subscribers why are getting your emails. Although the recipients of your sendings have voluntarily subscribed to your newsletter, sometimes they forget that they did.
  • Make the unsubscribe link visible on all your sendings: Make the unsubscribe link visible on all your sendings: As we have mentioned on more than one occasion, the fact that a subscriber unsubscribes from your list is not the end of the world, it is part of the life-cycle of the same ones. Facilitate to user to unsubscribe from your mailings if they want. If they can't find a way to stop receiving your communications, it is more than likely that they mark you as spam to stop receiving them.
  • Make it easy to contact you: Provide simple mechanisms so that your subscribers can contact you. The first step is using as the sender address an already existing one and attended by one person, that is, avoid addresses like noanswer@ and check it periodically.
  • Control the email frequency: The fact that a user has consented to receive your communications doesn't mean you can abuse them. Set reasonable intervals on your sendings to avoid your subscribers get tired of receiving them.
  • Send relevant content: Send content that suits your subscribers needs and interests to keep their commitment to your brand. If you do not know their interests ask tem with a survey or questionnaire. It will be much easier for you to get a high number of responses if you offer any rewards in exchange, such as a discount or special promotion.
  • Work the suject line: Using a repetitive subject line as "Weekly newsletter ..", can provoque to your subscribers the false sense of receiving too many emails of yours. Work the subject line of the message to make it attractive and so incites the message opening.
  • Keep your lists up-to-date: Be sure to process your lists unsubscribes and not have duplicated emails in it. Do not ever send emails to people who unsubscribed or that marked you as spam.
  • Use double opt-in forms: The best way to increase your contact lists is by double opt-in sign in forms, which are those in which the user must confirm his subscription to a list via a link received in his mail. This way of getting subscribers is slower than others, but ensures that the subscribed to your list are really interested in receiving your communications.


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