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Why do my subscribers mark me as spam?

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Imagen Why do my subscribers mark me as s

When a campaign goes directly to the spam folder, it is a problem. But it is even worse when it goes to the inbox and is the subscriber who marks it as spam. This makes not receive it again but also that both eliverability of future campaigns and our own reputation is impaired because if there are many who do it we can end up in blacklists.

There are several reasons why a subscriber ends up marking as spam our campaigns. Most are related to the reasons for signing in or unsubscribe. Fortunately, many can be avoided.

  • They do not remember that they signed in: if the sending frequency is low or you are not very regular, you may have forgotten that they did give their consent. Solve it by adding a brief message in the footer to remind you.
  • They get tired of your direct marketing campaigns: you have to fulfill their expectations, not only send them what you want. To maintain subscribers' interests, send them relevant messages, do not limit yourself to commercial information.
  • They feel harassed by your constant sendings: perhaps they were not aware during the sign in process that they would receive so many messages because they only wanted to create an account, for example. Segment the sendings well so that they do not impact same subscribers so often.
  • They do not know who sends the newsletter: besides the sender and subject, take care of the visual part so that they recognize you and be careful with the privacy policy to not send messages from third parties without your permission.
  • They do not find the option to unsubscribe: you do not have to hide it because the email client always shows easily the button to mark as spam and, if they really want to leave, it is best to let them go so make sure to comply with their requests.
  • They can not update their preferences: just as with the unsubscribe, make clear where they can change their email, subject of interest or frequency. In the long run, it is better to facilitate this option because if they do not find it they will unsubscribe.

To prevent these unwanted situations from the beginning:.

  • Check your registration process to confirm that it is always double opt-in and that it is clearly explained that they are registering to receive the newsletter, the approximate frequency with which tehy will receive commercial information and that they can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Also check the welcome message to make the subscriber feel really welcome and be clear about the benefits he will receive or if there is a free subscription limit, and ask him to add you to his contacts.
  • Check your latest sendings to make sure you comply with what you promised you would do when they gave their consent. In addition, you can teach new subscribers a sample of how your campaigns are to manage their expectations.
  • Check the unsubscribes statistics to find out why they want to stop receiving your messages. If they mark as principal 'I never signed up for this list' you have the confirmation that you are being a spammer, even by accident.

Finally, remember that mail providers also have their tricks to identify spammers, such as spam traps. So avoid buying lists and keep yours up to date.

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