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How to plan your email marketing strategy

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A few days ago we saw that sending a newsletter is just one step in a email marketing strategy. Develop any strategy requires both organizational and statistical arguments to justify the actions to perform. For the formert, the editorial calendar is the perfect tool because it serves to manage internal and external resources related to the newsletter and other campaigns. For the latter, today we will see how to plan your strategy step by step.

Before proceeding, we have prepared an excel template that will guide you: download it and we'll complete it answering some questions.


Download excel template


Let's start with the most important: what is the reason for using email marketing in your company? Knowing what you want to achieve with your sendings will determine all of the following steps, from the subject to the frequency, segmentation... so that's why is the first question to ask. For example, if you want to sell more on your ecommerce, you can send weekly offers to new customers or monthly discounts to encourage buying to the people who has been more than 3 months do not visit your online store.. Write down your answers in the corresponding column (Objectives) of the template.

The next thing you have to consider for your planning is to maintain contact with your subscribers without being spammer by accident. To do this, the Recipients columns will be very practical because  will serve to indicate what list and what segmentation parameters are used in each sending. When you have sent a few campaigns, use Excel filters to detect opportunities and unnecessary repetitions. The database will be the more useful when the more complete, so make sure you have the information you need of all your subscribers, for example, creating a campaign to update their data.

Basically there are 2 ways to fill the strategy document: first, starting with the objectives in order to always have clear why and who we do every campaign, as we have just seen. And, on the other, taking into account special dates that are marked by the company calendar (presentation of results, fairs, anniversary contest ...) or by the season (summer for example). In both cases, the template will guide you and you can also jot down ideas for future sendings.

Las siguientes columnas del Excel puedes rellenarlas después de hacer el envío y responden a:

You can fill the following Excel columns after making the sending and they respond to:

  •  Which Content has been sent?  This is not about copying  the campaigns, just have some references that identifies them.
  •  What statistics results has achieved? If you aim here percentages and use the filters you can see which campaigns have had better results.

Finally, if your company has a marketing department or more than one is using email communications, best is to assign a responsible (probably you) to manage all campaignsin order to go out on time and in coordination with other strategies (press notes,  AdWords ads, posts ...). Remember that in the calendar you can also mark the previous phases and persons involved in each sending (editor, designer, external suppliers ...).


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