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Email marketing best practices to increase your ecommerce sales

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Imagen Email marketing best practices to increase your ecommerce s

Online stores have as main source of its newsletter subscribers, its own customer base. Taking care of the hook in order to sign up when they are still looking for information is a good way to attract them and convince them to buy: A direct discount for signing up, offering free shipping on the first purchase, the promise of exclusive offers...

This is why the welcome message to the list can include the reminder informing about what they can save if they made the purchase during the next few hours.In this way, using the subject and pre-header, you give a certain sense of urgency that will help you to convert those who were simply looking in your ecommerce storefront.

However, you should prepare another message for the people who have checked the choice to receive your newsletter during the purchase process.For example, ask them to follow you on social networks, read articles related with what they have purchased on your blog or complete their profile with their interests in order to customize future email campaigns with offers they'll receive.

Promotional email campaigns to encourage your subscribers to purchase are only part of the email marketing strategy for an ecommerce. Another very important, is to take care of all transactional emails related to the purchase process:

  • Confirmation: manage the expectation of the time it takes to receive the package and offer the possibility to notify your contacts that have made the purchase. You can also try to sell related products taking advantage of the fact that they still have the credit card in hand.
  • Shipping: try to meet the designated deadlines in order to avoid complaints from customers and notify if whether it will be delayed. Use the subject line to remind them that the message is about the purchase they've made and thus sure they'll open it.
  • Customer support: ask how was the experience throughout the process, ask them to assess their purchase on your platform or share it on social networks so you can reach potential customers.

Also, you can be proactive and contact customers who have abandoned the shopping cart. Why having entered your data on your ecommerce have failed to complete the process? Try to answer their questions as clearly as possible: send them a message with an additional discount or free shipping, explain again that it is a safe purchase and the dates on which they can receive the package. And do not take more than 1 hour to do it to not miss the chance.

Email marketing also helps you to promote the second and future orders. But, of course, segment the list and send notifications according your customers' purchases to make sure they reach potentially interested persons. For example, you can:

  • Tell your subscribers about new products or brands that you add to your online store catalog.
  • Encourage customers who have been a long time without purchasing with a discount coupon.
  • Send a birthday gift to your customers to give themselves a treat.

A final note for your posts' design: consider your newsletter a condensed version of your ecommerce. Be sure to maintain the same look&feel of your website, include buttons with calls to action and use a template that allow you to show your product correctly.

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