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What can you send when you don't have nothing to say?

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Before answering to what can you tell to your subscribers when (apparently) you don't have any interesting thing to say, perhaps it is worth bearing in mind why to do it. Is it worth it or better send the email campaign anoher day?

Maintaining a certain frequency is a good email marketing practice to get loyalty to the newsletter itself. What happens is that precisely the feeling that we repeat ourselves, we are tiresome, we have nothing to tell... provoques that internally is put into doubt the effectiveness of our constancy. Don't distrust, think that the more regular you are, better results you can expect.

For example, there're companies that depend on daily email campaigns to get results: recommendations and daily offers are basic campaigns for online stores. They need that traffic to encourage sales. But not everybody has this goal and, after the most traditionals ideas like corporate news, is easy to ran out of ideas even though newsletter is sent once a month.

In all businesses happen things that deserve to be told, just need to know where to look. So, going back to the initial question, what to send when you have nothing to tell? These are our proposals that can allow you to get out of trouble and so you can be faithful to your email campaign schedule:

  • Take profit of your own contents: select an article that you have posted on the blog and develop an specific aspect as a complement of the original.It will serve to bring traffic to the blog and, therefore, to the website.You can also present a witty saying from your social networks in the form of a quote with an image, something more visual.
  • Interview somebody: it's an easy content to keep it and use it when you need it. The easiest is to ask somebody from your team but also you can ask to some external contact that collaborates with your company. It is a way to keep talking about your activity but in a more casual and closest way. 
  • Get inspired by your customers: review the comments that they have made publicly about you on social networks or through the contact form. It is possible that they are giving you conversation topics that interest to other people such as your own subscribers. Another option is to use the content related to your brand that they have generated. This is very useful to show your interest in the community, ideal for travel agencies.
  • Recommend other people's content: if you don't have nothing at all to say, using other's contents is always a good option. MAke a good selection of articles., some infographics with data to comment, news that you have read and you find interesting, an educational video... Show it as a monthly summary, the most relevant or something more personal like 'our recommendations only for you'. Although you link to other pages, you are providing value to your subscribers by offering your opinion and single criterion.
  • Organize a contest: It can be the last resort but it will be very effective because, in addition to help you to carry out that difficult email campaign, will help you also to get new subscribers for when you'll really have something important to tell. In addition, if you link it with social networks like Facebook or Instagram you'll have another way to gain followers.

All these suggestions can also help you to make a different email campaign than usual, although if it's only to escape the routine. It is as important to keep the frequency as not bore you subscribers always repeating the same messages.

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