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Email marketing ideas for travel agencies

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According to Statista, in 2014 Digital travel sales reached in United States 122 billions US dollars. In 2017, are projected to reach 168 billion US dollars, with mobile accounting for almost one-third of all sales. In a sector like this, so used to perform online campaigns, email marketing is an essential tool to take advantage of the different moments in which the agency relates with its customers.

As in any other business, it all starts by placing the registration forms well distributed on your website.Add fields that can after be used for segmentation as hometown or favorite type of travel (food, family, short breaks...).

Also be sure to explain the advantages of being part of your subscribers list. For example: last minute deals, exclusive discounts, travel ideas... And you can do the same in the catalogues that you distribute in your store: indicate the URL of your newsletter so that they can sign in if they want to receive the most up-to-date information.

Seasonality marks the daily life of a travel agency and therefore also the type of email campaigns. Take advantage of this circumstance and plan an email marketing calendar similar to the one we show you in our guide: school holidays, snow trips, long weekends...

The same way youu change your showcase posters, send the information to your subscribers so that they can organize themselves with time.

But note two interesting data taken from a study by Experian:

  • Travel agency email volume peaks in the summer, while the winter months of January - March have the highest email open rates.
  • Travel agency emails that promote exclusive savings, sales, deals and offers in the subject line get double CTR. The sensation to access to an special and different travel likes the majority of subscribers.

With the use of email marketing you can accompany your customers beyond the purchase. Don't think your email campaigns only as a way to sell your vacation packages. It is a perfect complement to your CRM, use it as a loyalty tool throughout the year.

A few weeks or days before the trip, you can send automatic reminders with flights schedules and hotels location. But also take advantage and include practical issues such as information of how to get visas or about tourist cards for travel in destination. Sure your customers appreciate this type of personalized data that make their trip easier. If, in addition, the agent who attended them signs the email campaign, customers will take a very positive image of  the care received.

Wait a few days after their return to not be too intrusive and then, send them a brief questionnaire to find out how was it for them and so also helps you to improve. In important times, you can even organize a photo competition among your customers and give them a discount on their next trip. Don't forget to add social icons to share between their contacts and thus reach more users.

Another way to take profit of your database is to suggest destinations according to the places they have visited. Personalized and exclusive recommendations will give you good results. For example, if you know that last summer they visited Rome, you can recommend Venice for the next year or a weekend getaway in London because will be the opening of an exhibition with works of art by Italian artists. 

In fact, throughout the year, you can keep a monthly newsletter with destination  tips to constantly give your customers ideas and that want organize their trip with your agency.

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