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How to grow your contact lists with surveys and questionnaires

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Imagen How to grow your contact lists with surveys and questionna

Today, surveys are not made by telephone and questionnaires are not examinations. In the social era, they are ways to compete with our contacts to see who gets the highest score by answering a few simple questions through a Facebook application or a web page. However, in both cases, user must provide his email address to know the results. Thus, he takes the answer to his test and we, one more subscriber to our list. Everybody wins..

To make it really like this and user could find justified to dedicate a few minutes to complete the survey or questionnaire, you do not need a big prize.. Unlike Facebook sweepstakes to increase the contacts list the reward is often self-discovery or competition between friends. Surely one of your contacts has sent you an invitation to know which character from a trendy tv show you are. The starting point is the same, you just have to adapt it to your business.

The key is to arouse curiosity: you have to find a topic in your industry that you can focus to a series of questions that end with learning or recommendation. In this way, users will want to fill out the survey to find out, for example, how much they know of a trend, which kind of professionals are or which book should read this summer.

Humor is also a regular component in the questionnaires, though your sector is apparently serious. A bit of irony from time to time helps to take away formality from our content. Humor can be in any part of the survey: In the title's question, in the focus of the questions or in the final assessments.

Once decided the questionnaire's theme, choose a striking headline. The most common is to use the question format to clearly demonstrate that the response will be achieved by filling out the survey. To make it attractive, add an element of intrigue that could dissipate through the resolution of the test.

Statistics indicate that the best option is to create between 8 and 12 questions but you can vary your strategy and do:

  • Less questions and take advantage of user's momentum to know the results as soon as possible, without too many complications.
  • More questions to promote a more precise answer and include some related to statistical data which may be useful to you. At this point and after several survey's minutes, user answers all because he really wants to go all the way and not have the feeling that time has been lost.

Whenever possible, it is good practice to show the progress as questions advance: you can do one per page when there are few or group them to reduce the extension perceived by the user.

Besides receiving customized results depending on their answer, explain which benefits has your newsletter so won't panic when you ask them their email. You can also make a special follow-up to subscribers arriving from this way with a complementary offer. In this way, you will minimize the casualties from the list once they got what they wanted.

On the last page, include the option to share or challenge other friends to expand the scope of the questionnaire. Remember that it is still a game for them, but for you it is a way to grow your contacts list.


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