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How to get new subscribers in the summer (or at least not lose them)

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Imagen How to get new subscribers in the summer (or at least not lose t

We start July and the messages "out of the office" do not stop coming in response to the campaigns we send. It will remain so for the next few weeks and most of the summer. In September or October, unsubscribing from the newsletter that accumulate in the inbox is a way to beat the comeback. But, even if it seems the worst moment, you can get subscribers or at least not lose them if you follow these tips.

Make more participation and less informative campaigns. Staying in the office while others are on vacation can be a bummer. Do not bore your subscribers with corporate messages when they discount the days left to go or they are already homesick where they spent their holidays. Develop the campaigns with questionnaires or light surveys and contests that make them have a good time, better so than with news to which they will not pay much attention.

Sharing the results or their participation will help you increase the visibility of your brand among their social networks' contacts. If, in addition, you encourage them to do it with a raffle, you will get subscribers interested in what you offer and not only willing to win the prize. Do not forget the social component of campaigns because the recommendations work almost better than advertising to get customers or subscribers in this case.

Making their messages less corporate is also about being creative and doing something different. You can try out new designs with some summer motif or take risks with sendings that go a little bit out of the subjects you normally deal with. For example: a very personal reflection, an interview with someone relevant to the sector, an invited signature article, a contest on Instagram ...

Control the number of sendings. We always say it but in summer it becomes even more evident: you do not have to send all your messages to the whole list, even more knowing that many of them are not in the office. Take advantage of the segmentation! You can not control one by one who are the ones who are "out of the office" but use stats to not send more messages than they can open.

For example: for a couple of weeks (the equivalent of an average vacation), send campaigns only to those who have opened the previous newsletter; Reduces the frequency to one third or half in those subscribers who have not opened the last two sendings; Or rewards with some discount to those who continue opening all the offers you send them.

Holidays without a mobile? I hope so, but this is not usually the case. Most of us take the cell phone wherever we are and we also consult it. We are not pending all the while like at work, but you do spend a little time. That is why campaigns have to be perfect on the mobile and be somewhat lighter than usual in terms of content and frequency: with little time, not much attention is paid to matters that can not compete with landscape or family.

Summer is not a bad time for email marketing, you just have to adapt the strategy just like for Christmas: not all the year you can send the same thing, because the subscribers have different customs and they are, after all, the ones we want to impact.

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