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Instagram can also be a complementary tool within your email marketing strategy, just as we saw with Pinterest and other social networks. Comparing Instagram with an email campaign, segmentation is very important for email because this option doesn't exist in Instagram. Under this point of view, we must use it without thinking of personalization or extracting value users data. It is rather an additional way of promotion, but that it can also help us to get subscribers to our mass email marketing.

Instagram is a social network of photography that is based solely on the photos shared from their mobile application. It may seem strange that it has no available web version but this peculiarity has not prevented 300 million instagramers publishing every day 70 million photos. It is owned by Facebook from 2012 and its success is due in large part to the ease with which filters can be applied to modify the images... and videos, because Instagram also allows you to publish videos of up to 15 seconds.

First of all, create an account is required to interact with the community of instagramers.Then, you can already upload photographs of your products or which accompany your articles. Take advantage and play with filters! You can also put some imagination to make them more inspiring like quotes, memes on infographics. Always optimize them with hashtags so they can be found. For example, use as keyword your business scope, your city or something appearing in the image.

As a social network that is, allows us to more easily reach unknown users thanks to the interactions with our pictures, both of the people who follow us from who finds multiple hashtags that we have included. And Statistics say that it has much more engagement than Facebook and Twitter.

We suggest you some ideas that combine Instagram and email so you can see the possibilities of success with this social network:

  • Include buttons 'follow' and 'share in Instagram' on your email messages: the most classic option would be to link the two accounts but not so you have to ignore it. You can also use your confirmation and purchase landing pages.
  • Deliver email as an alternative way to follow your Instagram account: to reach people who have not installed the app but also to notify users who are not very active, you can send your images feed by email. According to the volume and the emails frequency, select a type grid gallery template to display all or a just a selection.
  • Make a contest among your subscribers having Instagram: a way to take them from one channel to another is to offer an incentive such as a contest or sweepstake within the network itself.In addition, if you use a particular hashtag once in Instagram you cauld achieve more people to become involved. Count the ranking of participants in each email campaign to encourage participation.
  • Using Instagram as inspiration for your email campaigns: either email campign main theme orjust as one paragraph more, you can take advantage of images selected in Instagram. For example: one very creative of your followers, one with great photographic quality, a selection of which have used a hashtag related to your brand... 

As you can see, although it is apparently only a social network more, Instagram may be helpful not only to achieve more engagement with your brand but to get subscribers for your contact list.

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