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Renting contact lists for email marketing campaigns

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Rented email lists are databases owned by a third party segmented by the criteria that interest us and to which we send our email marketing campaign. These lists are not our property, so we can not see the email addresses that compose them and the list owner will be responsible for sending the emails.

Although renting a contact list is not as bad as buying one, the results obtained are not the usually expected and you can break the law for sending email campaigns to users without their consent.

How do rented email lists work?

  1. You have to indicate to the list owner the targeting criteria that you need to send only to those subscribers who meet the requirements that interest you.
  2. You'll pay for sending the email campaign to the list. As a rule, payment use to be by CPM (cost per thousand), but you can also agree other payment options with the owner as pay per interaction, fixed cost per email campaign ...
  3. The list owner will send your email to his subscribers. You will not have access to the email addresses where the email campaign will be sent to.
  4. El propietario de la lista te facilitará algún tipo de estadística para que valores el rendimiento de la misma
  5. The list owner will give you some kind of statistics so you can value its performance.

Reasons to not rent a contact list

Having your own contact list, although building it from scratch and get to have a considerable number of subscribers is a distance race, has its advantages over working with a rented contact list:

  • Los envíos de email marketing funcionan mejor si remites la información a contactos que realmente escogieron recibir tus comunicaciones. Si envías a suscriptores de un tercero es posible que se sientan molestos y descarten tu email.
  • Email marketing campaigns works best if you send the information to contacts who really chose to receive your communications. If you send to a third party' subscribers they may feel uncomfortable and dis your email.
  • If they are really annoyed, probably will mark your email as spam, and although this initially will affect the email sender (the company to which you rented the list), can also affect the deliverability of future email campaigns that you directly make and include for example, links to your website.
  • When you rent a contact list from a third party you do not know its quality: What is the age of the list? Is it up-to-date? How often the owner of the list sends third party communications? ¿Están los contactos de esta lista “quemados” debido a que reciben un alto número de comunicaciones comerciales? Are the contacts from the list "burned" because they receive a high number of commercial communications? All these questions can affect your campaign's performance.

How to get good results with rented contact lists

If despite everything we've discussed, you're determined to work with a rented contact list, here are some tips for getting the most out:

  • CONSENT: Confirm that the list owner has consent from its users to send them third parties commercial communications.
  • AFFINITY: Make sure the profile users list and brand, product or services offered by the owner fits with your brand and what you offer.
  • PRESENTATION: Make the list owner introduce you as an advertiser to his subscribers and explain the advantages of receiving information from you. This will make your communications less intrusive.
  • CONSITENCY: Integrate your content with the usual design of the owner's email campaigns. Thus subscribers will have a greater sense of closeness and more willing to listen to what you offer. If you use a completely different design than the usual, they will identify it as merely publicitary, will pay less attention and there will be less number of interactions.
  • PERSONALIZATIONAdapt the message to the public that you're headed. Find out about the tone you that have regular communications to that list, the profile type and interests... In this way users you will be able to adapt the content to the real needs of users and achieve better results.
  • FOLLOW-UP: Be sure to include in the links of the email some kind of parameter that allows you to track clicks and conversions on your website. The easiest way is using utm_source and utm_campaign parameters to track from google analytics.
  • STATISTICS: Request to the ownwer a statistics report to know how your campaign has worked. This report must contain at least information about date and time of the email campaign, openings average, clickthrough rate (CTR), CTOR ... It also can be very useful to have a clic map to know which call-to-action have worked better in order to know the openings by location and reading time.

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