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5 tips to reduce problems of content and improve your deliverability

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Imagen 5 tips to reduce problems of content and improve your deliverabi

Our first challenge when sending email marketing campaigns is getting our email to reach the inbox of our contacts without ending up in the junk mail folder.

Deliverability, or the ability to actually deliver an email to a recipient, depends on several factors, although some might not be in your hands (those related to the infrastructure used to perform sendings for instance), implementing good practices in terms of content management can help improve your delivery rate:

1. Be careful when creating links: Include a moderate number of links in your emails and avoid creating them with url shorteners. Do not use links formed from an IP address either ( style ..).

2. Do not overcharge your email with images: Emails that only include images are often considered as spam by anti-spam filters. Find the right balance between text and images in your content.

3. Include the text version of your email: If your email is in HTML format, also include the text version alternative. Try to make the contents of both versions match to avoid being considered as spam.

4. Mind your language: Make a moderate use of capital, and special characters like exclamations, percentages, currency symbols...

5. Check, analyze and correct errors: Before sending your campaign, check the contents of your message with a spam tool to detect and remove those words likely to be considered spam.

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