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Noreply email addresses, why you should not use them

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Imagen Noreply email addresses, why you should not use

Although good email marketing practices tell us that unattended type addresses like noreply@ should be avoided as email senders, many companies continue to use them.

The main reasons to do this is because they think that their emails have no content that incites the answer, they do not want to have a mailbox full of automatic responses such as "out of office" or they are not provided with resources to handle such type of users' answers.

However, these problems can be solved by creating simple filter rules in the mail reader you're use. Instead, the use of unattended email addresses can negatively impact on your email marketing performance, affecting your reputation and deliverability:

  • Show your "dark side". Using addresses like @noreply is like telling your subscriber "I want you to listen to me, but I will not listen to you." Even if you think your email content does not give reasons to subscribers to write you back, there are always. You must allow users to communicate with you to make questions, suggestions or report you any kind of incident.
  • Increase the number of complaints. Some users instead of click on upur newsletter's "Unsubscribe" link may prefer to answer your email. If they see that they can not contact you, or do not realize but are still receiving your emails, they will probably end up marking your message as spam.
  • Make your email impersonal. Your newsletter's users have subscribed to it because they want to maintain a relationship with you, a "face to face" communication. Although you send mass emails, using a real email address makes your communications much closer. No one wants to communicate with robots.
  • Do not allow your list to be up-to-date. When subscribers changes email or business and want to keep receiving your sendings, will respond to your email to communicate their new data. If you use a non attended email adress, they won't be able to do it. In addition, many subscribers use automatic responders to communicate their change of email. If you do not receive them, you will not know until their email no longer exist and you receive a permanent return. Therefore you will lose the opportunity to have your contact list up to date and to continue communicating with them.
  • Reduce your conversions. As discussed above, no one wants to talk to robots, much less buy. @noreply type addresses make your sendings more cold, impersonal and reduce to 0 the possibility that your subscribers can ask you for additional information, give their feedback or make a business proposal.
  • Affect your deliverability. Increasingly more ISPs and anti-spam filters take into account the users' interaction to decide whether to categorize an email as lawful or not. They value things like openings, clicks and users' answers, as well as the usuals like email content or sender reputation. Some spam filters also automatically move emails sent from @noreply addresses to the spam folder. Therefore, using a no-reply address is not a good idea.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Gmail, Outlook and most mail readers have filtering rules that allow delete or move emails to specific folders that you receive based on different criteria. With just a few clicks you can keep your inbox clean of automatic messages and quickly sort the messages that are a priority and you must respond.

Use a real email address for your sendingss and allow your subscribers to contact you. You will improve your email marketing results and offer a closer and more personal image to your subscribers.

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