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Prepare your contact lists in 4 steps

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Imagen Prepare your contact lists in 4 s

When you're going to launch an important commercial action to boost your sales, such as Christmas campaign or Valentine's day, it is essential that you take advantage of the days prior to the start of the campaign to reactivate, clean, complete, organize and segment your subscribers list. Thus, you'll improve the results of your email campaigns.

  • Reactivate: Try to 'recover' to those subscribers who have not interacted with your previous email campaigns before deleting them permanently from your lists. Launch a reactivation campaign aimed to your inactive subscribers.The most common is to offer some sort of benefit or special discount to try to recover their attention. However, do not abuse of this type of campaigns, first because it will considerably reduce your profit margins and second, because users who are reactivated at low prices tend to be "less loyal" to brands.

  • Clean: Check and remove incorrect email addresses from your lists. Clean your lists of inactive subscribers, unsubscribes, permanent returns...Keeping your lists up-to-date will allow you to improve your deliverability and therefore, the chances that your emails reach your subscribers' Inbox. This is vital in an period of the year like Christmas or Valentine's day where the number of email campaigns you do compared to other  of the year is higher.

  • Complete: Collect all the new information you have from your subscribers: shopping habits, interaction with your previous email campaigns, interests... and update your contacts list. This information will allow you to further segment your communications and personalize your email campaigns more efficiently.
  • Organize: Organize and segment your lists into groups to send promotions based on their interests and interaction with your previous email campaigns.For example: customers / non-customers, clients interested in certain types of articles, according to the average spending in your store ...

Remember that the state of your contact lists largely determines the results you'll get with your massive mailing. Always keep them up to date!

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