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How can I know if an email address really exists?

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If you're going to start sending newsletters and mass emailing to your subscribers and customers, or either long ago you're not communicating with them, it is recommended that you verify if their email addresses are valid or if they exist. Having a clean email database is key to get good results with your email marketing campaigns.

If you have collected emails from your customers using paper forms at the point of sale, you have not sent emails to your database in a long time or the subscription form to your newsletter is not double opt-in, it is recommended that you verify your emails listIf you do not, when you send emails  to these addresses it is more than likely that many no longer exist or are incorrect, and this can cause your email provider marketing block you, besides affecting your deliverability and your reputation as a sender.

The  bulk mailing and SMS sending platform Acrelia News includes a tool that allows you to verify emails, simply by uploading a file in csv format. Once verified, we will obtain a detailed report on the status of each of those emails.


It is important to understand the information offered by the report of verified emails and know what is the best strategy to start making email campaigns.

The different states that can have a verified email are:

  • Valid: indicates that the address is correct and you can send emails without problems
  • Invalid: The address is not valid and you should not send emails. This may be due to various reasons:
    • that does not exist
    • that the address format is incorrect. For example, that does not have the @ or is missing the domain extension (.com, .es ...)
    • For example,, is not a real domain capable of receiving emails.
  • Accept all: Can be valid or not. There are email providers that accept emails from any recipient, exist or not, although it is not usual.
  • Spam trap: Spam traps are email addresses used by Internet Service Providers to identify those senders who add email addresses to their lists without having the consent of their owners. Having spam traps emails on your lists is very dangerous, so you should remove them from your lists.
  • Temporary email account (Disposable)There are services that allow you to create a temporary email account that disappears after a few days or weeks. Temporary email accounts are created by many users when they need an email address to sign up for a promotion or try an online service and do not want to facilitate their regular email account. It is better to not send this type of address.
  • Generic addresses (Role address): They are addresses not linked to a particular person like for exemple admin@, supporte@, contact@... Most generic addresses are often valid, but emails sent to such addresses receive a very low number of interactions compared to emails sent to individual email accounts. You should only send emails to these addresses if you really know that it is an email account hosted by someone, because they can cause the decrease of your email marketing campaigns' performance.
  • Duplicated: indicates that the email is several times on your list. As a rule, email marketing tools discard duplicate emails to prevent you from sending the same content more than once to the same address.
  • Unknown: Means that the tool was unable to verify if the address is correct or not. As a rule, email verification service providers, do not charge for the addresses could not be verified.


Email addresses that, during verification process are marked as invalid, unknown, accept_all or or that are generic or temporary addresses, you must consider them as high risk addresses and is better to not include them in your email marketing campaigns.

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