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What is an acceptable bounce rate?

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Imagen What is an acceptable bounce r

If you have already sent your email campaign, now it is time to analyse whether the results are good or not. In addition to the open rate or CTR, one of the indicators you should pay attention to is the bounce rate. 

When we talk about bounce, it means that your contact did not receive the email. This can happen for a variety of reasons that, in principle, do not depend on you, for example:

  • Their mailbox is full.
  • Their email address no longer exists; or it contains a syntactic error in your list.
  • They have activated an automatic reply message (e.g. holiday).
  • Their mail server is experiencing a one-off problem.
  • The message is experiencing filtering problems: some of the URLs it contains are blocked, the domain or IP address belongs to a 'blacklist', etc.

The bounces can be permanent (hard bounce) -such emails will never be delivered- or temporary (soft bounce) -the email has not been delivered to its recipient because of a one-off problem that is likely to be fixed later-.

In order not to affect your reputation as a sender and the deliverability of your future mailings, the bounce rate should always be below 5%. To achieve this, we recommend that you check your contact lists from time to time. With Acrelia's email verification service, you can identify and remove from your lists those addresses that are not valid and avoid having false, erroneous or no longer working emails.

In addition, Acrelia will take care of keeping your contact lists up to date by discarding from future mailings permanent bounces, spam reports and unsubscribes, to maximize your delivery and open rates.

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