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What is an acceptable bounce rate?

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Imagen What is an acceptable bounce r

That’s it! You have the stats of your first campaign. But how to judge if these results are good or not? Should you worry about your bounce rate?

A bounce means that your contact has never received the email. The reasons are many, and in principle, does not depend on you:

  • his mailbox is full
  • his email address no longer exists; or contains a syntax error in your list
  • an automatic response message is activated (eg vacation)
  • his mail server is experiencing a temporary problem
  • the message faced filtering problems: some of the URLs it contains is blocked, the domain or IP address belong to a 'blacklist', etc..

Getting bounce rates higher than 4% is normal in the first sending, and subject to wide variations depending on the sector and the target audience. Do not panic: as and when you send subsequent campaigns, this rate should drop significantly.

At Acrelia News, we make sure that your contact lists are up-to-date by discarding hard bounces, spam reports and unsubscribe from future sendings to maximize your delivery and open rates. The platform will make appropriate decisions considering whether it is a hard bounce, and thus the email will never be delivered to the recipient or a soft bounce, which indicates that the email has not been delivered to the recipient because of an occasional problem, likely to be solved a posteriori. However, if this percentages does not drop with time, you should ask yourself about the quality of your contact list.

Some clues to the answer:

Email marketing is certainly an art; but, despite the fact that everyone has his own tricks and methods, as in any discipline, it is also about dedication, perseverance and systematic. Acrelia News offers its expertise and technology to improve your sendings.

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