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Advanced tracking in Email Marketing campaigns

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Do you know how long your subscribers spend reading your emails?

  • if they do it from a mobile device or a computer?
  • if some of them have forwarded or printed your newsletters?

With the Email Marketing platform from Acrelia News, you will find out about all this and much more.

Having an advanced, real-time statistics module is essential to assess the success or failure of your email marketing campaigns. Get a glimpse of Acrelia News high-quality statistics below.

On top of the ABCs of campaign performance like the open rate, CTR, bounce rate, unsubscribe or complaints among others, Acrelia News offers a wide range of useful information to know your subscribers better and assess the performance of your campaigns better.

Opens by device

Our statistics module offers real-time data on the devices from which your campaigns are opened, including information about the most popular email clients and browsers.

Imagen statistics by de


Opens by location

Thanks to the map of opens, you are able to know which countries achieved the best open rate.

Imagen opens by loca


Reading time

With Acrelia News, you know how much time your subscribers spend reading your emails:

  • the average time they devote to your communications,
  • if the content you send are interesting to your readers,
  • and to which extent they engage with your brand, products and services.

Imagen reading


Click Map

Visual and intuitive display mode of the call-to-action that performed better and of the most visited contents.

Imagen click



Forwards and printouts

How many times was your campaign forwarded? How many of these were actually opened by their recipients? And how many of your readers have printed out your emails?

Imagen forwards and print


Download and print statistical reports

You can either download rough statistics of your sendings in Excel format and analyse them externally or print out nice ready-to-use handouts. You choose which data should be included in your report or not.

Imagen download and p


Don’t resign yourself to basic statistics of your sendings! If you want to know more about these and many other features offered by Acrelia News, request more information here.

Find out more about the most complete statistics of your shipments. 

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