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How to reactivate subscribers to avoid being ignored

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All lists have some contacts who seem to ignore the mailings. These are the people who have a very low opening rate compared to the average, even 0%, and who rarely or never click. The reasons for this can be varied and discovering them is the key to reactivating them and maintaining good overall statistics.

One way to recover the engagement of inactive subscribers is to run highly targeted campaigns. For example:

  • If they signed up to download a lead magnet, send them more messages related to that topic and reduce the rest of the mailings to a minimum for a while. This way, you may contact them less often, but they will perceive it as higher quality content and will pay more attention to it.
  • If they signed up to receive a discount on their purchases, do cross-selling and up-selling campaigns to incentivise them. As a last resort, you can continue to give them discounts on a regular basis, but try mixing them with other types of messages that interest you to balance the opportunities.
  • If someone recommended your newsletter to them, for example through networking or a recruitment campaign, they may have signed up without giving much thought to what they would receive. Make sure your welcome automation manages expectations well so that all new sign-ups know what kind of messages they can expect from your brand.

As you can see, the source of much of the reason why subscribers ignore you is the sign-up form. Yes, from the very moment they give their consent, they may start to lose interest. Consider whether you explain well what they will receive, whether you allow them to choose a specific interest and whether they can assess the frequency of your mailings beforehand. 

If you take care of the relationship with your contacts from the beginning, you will be less likely that they will refuse to open your messages. But don't think it's all about giving them an incentive, because then they might just sign up to get it and then stop paying attention to you. Look at your statistics to see for yourself.

Another reason why you may need to do reengagement campaigns is because the subscriber's personal situation has changed since they signed up. This could be if their interests have changed, for example if they quit their job or moved to another city, or if they don't have enough time to dedicate to your mailings. In these cases, you can send them communications reminding them that they can:

  • Manage their subscription: give them access to their profile so they can change what they receive and when. Perhaps they have decreased their interest in a part, but not in all the information you send them, and in this way, you are not losing them, but keeping them active.
  • Pause messages for a while: this possibility is very popular when it comes to commercial campaigns that appeal to emotions, such as Father's Day, Mother's Day or Christmas. But it is also an option you can consider before deleting them definitively. 
  • Unsubscribing: this is the last resort and is painful, but it is also legal and the solution when everything else fails. If nothing makes them change their mind about what you send them, it is best to let them go and delete them from the list. Sanitising your data base on a regular basis will improve your results.

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One last recommendation: make these special re-engagement campaigns have a different design from the rest to make them more eye-catching and break the routine, without forgetting the corporate identity that will make them recognisable as your brand.

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