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5 ways to get new subscribers to your lists

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Imagen 5 ways to get new subscribers to your l

To get new subscribers, try to take advantage of all the channels within your reach, and to implement the best possible practices always. Remember that a responsible email marketing strategy is the key to your long term success.

  1. From your website. Insert a subscription form in your website. Is there any better place to get quality subscribers?
  2. From your email. Include a link to the subscription form on all your email campaigns and also in your transactional emails.
  3. Through your subscribers. Encourage your subscribers to share your newsletter, including links or buttons like "forward to a friend" in all your communications
  4. From social networks. Invite your followers to join your list from your favorite social networks (facebook, twitter). You can create specific articles, banners or subscription forms to encourage people to join your mailing list.
  5. Be transparent. Tell your potential subscribers about the advantages of subscribing to your mailing list. People are especially sensitive to the issue of spam and commercial communications. By explaining the advantages of signing up for your list, you get quality subscribers who expect and want to receive your emails.

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