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For effective email marketing, it is just as important to organise your subscriber list as it is to organise your mailing list. To manage your subscribers, you have groups and segments; for your campaigns' organisation, you have categories. You just have to add a couple of keywords to each campaign and then you can filter them to extract relevant information from them. 


Why use categories to manage your campaigns

Putting a name that identifies each campaign is only the first step to having them controlled on the platform. Along with the subject, these (name and subject) are the two parameters used in the Acrelia search engine, but you can also filter the results thanks to the categories. Thanks to this, you will be able to find the posts you have made more quickly.

It will also be easier to extract information from certain campaigns if you apply the filter in the sending statistics. You can use all the categories you need, from the most specific ones related to the content, such as subject or language, to the most strategic ones, such as the target, the type of campaign or any reference to the recipient, such as their profile, the segment they belong to or the department you are targeting (or perhaps the one that created the campaign). Consider that you can combine them to extract interesting data.

For example: if you use "communication" as a category, you will be able to know at a quick glance the open and click rates of those that match that criteria. This way you can see how similar campaigns have performed before preparing your next mailing.



In addition, effective campaign management is essential when working collaboratively. With Acrelia's multi-account option, there can be dozens of people preparing messages and that's why categories are so practical: because they allow you to easily find one even if you don't know when it was sent. Just choose the category and apply the filter to display the campaigns that meet those requirements.




How to assign categories to campaigns 

From our campaign editor, it will be very easy to choose the categories because you can create them in the last step before the preview. You will see a text field appear: type in the new categories (separated by a comma) or select one you have already used.



Although you can add as many categories as you want to each campaign, in order to be useful, you have to write them thinking of being able to use them later in the filters. So instead of putting a specific date that will not be repeated, choose something more general, such as a month, term or year. And you will have to remember to put them each time, so look for an easy-to-follow methodology.

Also, you can add, change or remove categories from the "Campaign management" menu: select the one you want and go to "Actions" and you will be able to open this option and assign or unassign them according to your needs.


One last note to make your management effective: when choosing the names of the categories, you can look at the subject to have a reference, but it is better not to use the names you have already applied to categorise the contacts and send them personalised information dynamically (merge tags).

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