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Email marketing vs SMS marketing: incorrect question

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Imagen Email marketing vs SMS marketing: incorrect quest

In marketing, it's not about proposing competing actions, but using channels to contribute to the common effort. There are no rivals because all are different and complementary. So, the question you should ask yourself isn't "which is better, email or SMS?" The question is how to combine them to achieve your goals by extracting the best from both.


Advantages of combining email and SMS

Benefit can be gained from the combination of sending emails and mobile messages because email is present in practically every B2B marketing strategy, but also because the open rate for an SMS is 97%. Users have their mobiles with them all day, and we can take advantage of this to apply its benefits where email doesn't reach, and vice versa.


Covering any timeframe

The immediacy of SMS is what achieves such good results, but it's also true that not all campaigns are urgent or top-priority (requiring a response within minutes or on the same day). Therefore, email marketing allows for covering slightly longer timeframes (a week, a month). This way, by combining both channels, it's possible to be present at different moments of the customer journey.


Ensuring readability

Perhaps because we're glued to our phones, sometimes we disconnect or turn off data to save battery. In these cases, SMS works better than email because it doesn't require the Internet. Furthermore, the segmentation possibilities of both channels allow for choosing the best moments for sending, thus increasing reading time in the process.


Encompassing all types of information

By definition, an SMS is short. Its limited space makes it direct and perfect for quick consumption notifications. On the other hand, an email can contain all sorts of information (images, videos, buttons), so when we combine both, we ensure both the quick reading of a mobile notification and the more thoughtful reading that, for example, can be achieved with a newsletter.


Providing a good customer experience

Covering different moments with different channels is a way to show the user that we care about ensuring good service. We assure them that we're accompanying them and they can confirm that we'll be close by, either during a specific process or generally throughout their relationship with the brand.


Offering more efficient support

To assist the user, it's necessary to interact with them through different channels, each with its prioritized use based on what's most appropriate for various situations. For example: a mobile identity confirmation during an online payment is more urgent than the email notification that their package has arrived at the warehouse.


Five examples that combine email and SMS marketing

It's a mistake to repeat the same type of communication in both channels. It leads to saturation that can negatively affect how the user perceives us, possibly leading them to unsubscribe or want to cease being a customer.

A good practice is to reinforce messages, not duplicate them. Combining email marketing and SMS is an exercise for the user to know what to expect from each channel and to give consent to receive both emails and SMS.

There are various situations that demonstrate that channel combination is the most efficient strategy, though it depends on each business model to know when to use them.


Efficient event management

If you organize or attend an event, email marketing is the most direct way to secure registrations for conferences or webinars. You can send out the program in advance or offer incentives. It also works for notifying meetings or appointments for service companies, such as mechanics' workshops or beauty salons.

The complement is to utilize SMS marketing to send last-minute reminders and not miss out on sales opportunities for the sales team. Or to send the possibility of rescheduling or moving a medical appointment to a different day.



Creating expectations

When multiple channels work together in a complementary manner, it positively impacts the user. Leverage the high open rate to generate anticipation for another channel with a teaser: send an SMS a few days before the official announcement, saying only to stay tuned as they'll soon receive an email with exclusive information or a special discount.



More Profitable Promotions

There are times when bombarding the user with multiple repetitive messages might seem appropriate, but it's usually not a good idea even for a very attractive and time-sensitive promotion like Black Friday.



To optimize profitability, the best option is to create a mix of channels that combines an initial comprehensive email with the complete information and a follow-up SMS, segmented for those who are more likely to complete the purchase, such as those who clicked or left items in their cart without buying.



Increasing Subscribers

Another example that demonstrates the benefits of combining email and SMS marketing for both channels is when the second channel is utilized to acquire subscribers for the first one. This way, a mobile message can be crafted to include a link to subscribe to the newsletter, and a welcome email can be sent once the registration is confirmed. This approach obtains consent for new communication avenues with customers.



Subscriber Activation

Reinforcing messages serves your purpose, but it also benefits your customers if you ensure they definitely open information that's highly relevant to them. This could be the case for changes in rates, pending renewals, or temporarily interrupted services.


Source: Really Good Emails

A good way to combine channels is to send an email with all the information and subsequently an SMS with a link to the newsletter or landing page, only to those who haven't opened the first email. This focuses efforts and avoids redundancies.


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