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SMS marketing audit: why do we do it and how?

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Imagen SMS marketing audit: why do we do it and

Knowing the status of our mobile marketing is not just a matter of remembering the approximate list of contacts that exist on the database or the percentage of opens from the last mailing. The objective of an SMS audit is to analyse all of its elements because each of them has an impact on the achievement of the objectives.


Why audit your SMS marketing? 

When you spend a little time reviewing your SMS marketing campaigns, for example, the last quarter is when you discover the mistakes made and the possible improvements for the next ones. This is why an audit looks both at the general aspects and the details that are often overlooked. 

This raises another question related to the reasons to do a thorough revision of your mailings. When is the right time to do it? It is the same as with the email marketing audit: you can wait until you realise that something is wrong, or act as a preventative measure and do it regularly to make sure that your corporate SMS does not lose their good quality. 

This is the main reason for auditing any marketing action, but there are other quantifiable reasons for the business because increasing the open and click-through rates involves improving customer service or avoiding cancellation of appointments by making recipients more engaged with the company. 


What to look for when auditing your SMS marketing? 

A quick audit would simply review the latest statistics, which is important, but it's not the only thing to pay attention to.
Take a look at: 
  • Database: in terms of quantity, do you have the numbers of all your customers? And have you obtained them in compliance with GDPR? In terms of quality, Do you have enough information to segment your mailings, and do you run campaigns to keep your data up to date? 
  • Privacy: it is as important to have and show a clear policy as it is to comply with it, so you must include options to stop receiving your SMS or manage the options you offer to your customers.
  • Sender: using a number is not a good practice, your brand should be visible because it gives the recipient more peace of mind to react to the message, either by opening it or replying. It is also a factor that adds security when it comes to detecting fraudulent SMSs.  
  • Personalisation: another element to gain both attention and trust is to see that you are addressing them by name or any other reference that indicates that it is not a mass message (even if it is). Remember that making your SMS more personal also includes targeting topics of interest to them by segmenting your database. 
  • Links: shortening them is key to being able to measure them, furthermore using a better character limit. This way, you will be able to know which campaigns have achieved more traffic for your corporate channels.
  • Writing: to write a perfect SMS, go straight to the point to capture the recipient's attention. A conversational approach is one way to get it, very useful when the objective is to get them response, although it can also be limited to providing information if it is a conversational notification
  • Statistics: as we said at the beginning, this is the easiest way to review what has or has not worked in recent messages. What do the best and worst ones have in common? It's also time to look at the day and time of sending, as well as how often they have been sent. 
  • Typology: Are you leveraging the different types of SMS in your marketing campaigns? Are you complementing them with email or social media? Review your quarter's plan to evaluate whether the combination has been efficient.
  • Provider: direct routes are the only way to guarantee delivery and provide you with features such as statistics or personalisation, that's why we use them at Acrelia. Avoid the grey ones, although you may be using them without knowing it. 
It's possible that realised an SMS Audit seems you a waste of time in the short term, but it's worthwhile thinking to correct short mistakes that get you to grow in a long term. 

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