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Five reasons to use emojis in your newsletters

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Imagen Five reasons to use emojis in your newslet

The most commonly used emojis (faces, hands, hearts) are already very common in business communications, especially in social networks, but also in email marketing. Their use has advantages and that's why we've incorporated them into our campaign editor, so you can easily add them anywhere in your campaigns, so you have no excuse to use them!



Why you should use emojis in your email marketing?

The simplest answer is that your users are constantly using them in their daily lives, so you should speak the same language as them if you want to sell your product well. But, to convince you in a more direct way, we give you five reasons to use emojis in your next mailing:

  1. It makes your brand easier to recognise: if you always use the same one, it will be associated with you, especially if it's related to your name. It also makes it easier to recognise who is sending it or the sections of a newsletter.
  2. It's more fun: it makes your campaign more relatable, and less serious than a traditional corporate message. It is almost obligatory for some age groups and recommended for the rest.
  3. It catches the interest: the user opens their email manager looking for something to open and wham! their eyes go to the emoji in the subject line, the same as if they are inside the campaign, it helps them to understand it better.
  4. Saves space and weighs less: this is very practical when the subject line is read on mobile devices. Still, remember that making the subject line more visual doesn't mean it doesn't have to be understood without emojis.
  5. Improves the openings: we have left for the last the most rational reason and that is that they work. Because of all the previous points, including them in the subject line increases the open rate and therefore the probability of meeting your objectives.

Test all these advantages in your own inbox: what impression do you get from emails with emojis?


Where can you place them to do their job?

A traditional campaign does not have emojis and can work well, but one with emojis can also work well because it is different from other companies mailings. There are many places to put them:

  • In the subject line and in the pre-header: the beginning of any of them is the most usual, although it can go in the middle of the subject line to stand out a little more, especially if they are a pair of googly eyes.
  • In the headlines: to give continuity to the subject, the same or a similar one can be used and also at the beginning or end of a highlighted sentence, for example, a party emoji for a celebration.
  • In the separation between topics: is a way of making the newsletter more visual without using images that make the sending heavier, as they are equivalent to small icons, such as the link symbol for a category of recommended reading.
  • In call-to-action buttons: this is a way of emphasising the action that the user is being asked to do, for example with a pointing finger or a shopping cart.


Best practices for the use of emojis in email marketing

As you can see, emojis applied to email marketing can have many benefits if used properly. To get the most out of them, we invite you to follow these three tips:

  1. Don't use too many emojis. Excesses were never good, and when it comes to emojis, it is no different. Every emoji you use must have a meaning and you should never include them just for the sake of it.
  2. Take into account which email client your subscribers use. In Acrelia's statistics, you can check which email clients are the most used by your contacts. Although most email clients allow you to display emojis, there are still some, such as Outlook, that can cause problems.
  3. Take advantage of special dates. New Year, Valentine's Day, Halloween, sales... these are moments when you can use emojis to attract attention and differentiate yourself from competitors. Just make sure you use the most effective emoji for each occasion.

Although you can see that we recommend using emojis and there are many possibilities to distribute them in your campaigns, keep in mind that there may be differences depending on the email manager used by the user and also vary its interpretation. When in doubt, check the emojipedia and make sure you choose the best possible one.

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