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Copywriting tips for beginners

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Templates solve part of the design of a campaign, but the text must be always new. You can't just change a few sentences and think you're ready for the next mailing. Copywriting needs a bit more of work and that's why our first tip for beginners is: choose every single word carefully. Don't leave anything to chance!

An example: consider the title of this post. "Tips" is almost the same as "advices" or "recommendations" and "newbies" or "inexperienced" are synonyms for "beginners", but they all have different connotations, don't you think? Try it yourself: before sending it, change the subject of the email using similar words to see if it changes the meaning or content.

You can also try it with the headline and the call to action. Testing is always good. However, they should all be related to increase the strength of your message and make the objective very clear. Try to read only those elements of your campaign to make sure it is clear which specific benefit the subscriber will get if they take the next step.

The shortage technique is perfect for your email copywriting: sell your product or service as if you are running out of stock or there is a limited time promotion. The opening rate will increase if you include the sense of urgency in the subject line and so will the click-through rate if the call to action reinforces it, for example with the words "today" or "now".



Even if you are just starting out in email marketing, you will have seen that segmentation gets results, right? One of the reasons is because it allows you to create more persuasive texts by focusing on a specific group of customers. That's why our recommendation is to write as if you were addressing to only one person. This will make it easier for you to focus your message.

Try to imagine a certain type of subscriber: what problems or needs do they have? If you solve them, copywriting will help you turn your response into a successful email campaign. That's why it's important to segment, otherwise it's impossible to create a one-to-one conversation.

Another copywriting tip for beginners is to use a formula, such as BAB, which stands for Before, After and Bridge: explain a negative situation, turn it into a positive one and present yourself as a bridge to achieve it. Using this technique, you will follow a simple but effective pattern that will help you find the story that gets the most reactions from your contact list.

In order to convince your subscribers, use simple and direct words. Don't try to show how much you know, remove all the fake literary stuff and be natural. If you dare, try conversational copywriting. It consists of writing texts pretending a conversation with your ideal client. It's a way of gaining their trust and it can be used for emails as well as for any other strategies of your online marketing.

Take advantage of everything you have in common to show that you speak the same language. With a shared style and the right slang, you will be able to create some complicity. On the contrary, an email marketing campaign that seems massive is not very profitable because it dispels the potential customer and lowers their engagement.

We advise you to use short sentences and not too long paragraphs to make it easier to read even on mobile phones, where the screen is narrower. Don't try to rush and think about the text multiple times, as many times as necessary, but to improve it and to avoid mistakes. Do not complicate your newsletter because you will unnecessarily confuse the subscribers and they will get tired, or worse, unsubscribe from your newsletter.

Keep in mind that the goal any campaign should be to achieve the subscriber takes the action required in each case. So, reduce distractions by removing redundant text and focus attention on the relevant conversion points, such as buttons. Our advice is to build the campaign using that desired action as a starting point so that the message flows in the right direction.

One of the email marketing copywriting tips that will help you gain visibility in the inbox is the use of emojis. Choose one, for your subject line, that attracts attention, for example one that represents your brand or one that is widely used in social networks. This way you will make it easily identifiable as yours and the customer will decide to open it and not delete it.



The last tip we give you is one that we certainly know that works: practice! This is the only way to improve because you learn what works, what doesn't and which copywriting is better for your target.


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