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Copywriting formulas to help your emails get more conversions

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Imagen Copywriting formulas to help your emails get more convers

Copywriters use words to persuade and arrange them in an order that has been proven to work (and which usually has easy-to-remember acronyms, as we will see). These formulas or copywriting techniques are structures that can be recognised by analysing the texts, although the only thing that readers perceive is that it increases their interest to continue reading about the product and click to buy it.

Here are some of the most commonly used formulas so that you can apply them to your messages and convert more.



One of the best-known copywriting formulas is the AIDA method and, like the rest, it can be used for any text that seeks a specific objective, such as landing pages, product sales, posts, advertisements...

Applied to email marketing, we could break down its acronym in the following way: get Attention with the subject line, arouse Interest with the header, encourage Desire with the body of the message and provoke Action with the final button. This approach to campaign copywriting allows you to use all kinds of arguments to persuade the subscriber to become a customer.

A trick: use the same reference in the subject line and the header, for example, by repeating a word, so that attention is held when the email is opened.



Another copywriting formula that we have already talked about is the PAS technique, which consists of making the user's pain points (Problem) unbearable (Agitation) so that they see us as what will reassure them (Solution).

Applied to email marketing, it can be used in a welcome sequence or in a series of campaigns that start with a teaser that uncovers the problem and ends with the promotion that will solve it. The subject line can also be used to expose the problem and thus arouse curiosity about how to solve it. In this case, the entire campaign should focus on agitating the issue so that the call to action is seen as the most logical next step.

A trick: research your audience's problems well to be credible.



A third formula to make your emails convert more is called BAB: Before, After and Bridge. This approach to copy gets more clicks because it presents a scenario in which the user can be identified (before), proposes an appetizing one when the product has been purchased (after) and shows how the brand connects both worlds (bridge).

Applied to email marketing, it is useful for promotional campaigns for launches or events as it is focused on encouraging action by thinking about the pleasure to be achieved. It is a way of being context-oriented, in the pursuit of happiness and in seeing the benefits, not so much in explaining the more rational functionalities.

A trick: using pleasurable elements and not as painful as the PAS can make them want to cross the bridge.


Other formulas

Although there are other formulas, AIDA, PAS and BAB are the most used by copywriters, which confirms that they work in different sectors and products. To start with, our advice is to try one of these and see which one works best for you. It doesn't always have to be the same one, on the contrary: try to choose the one that fits best for each submission - you can even invent your own by combining them!

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