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Five ways to celebrate your company's anniversary by email

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When we think of a birthday, we think of a person blowing out the candles on a cake or receiving a gift. It's a good practice for businesses to send automated messages to celebrate this date with their subscribers. But, in addition, businesses celebrate anniversaries and can also have some kind of party with employees, leads or customers.

Sending a campaign for a company's anniversary has clear reputational benefits because it reinforces the company's position and conveys trust. These types of mailings are opportunities to maintain list engagement as well as increase conversion results, much like a subscriber's birthday. 

It all depends on the message you want to convey, which, logically, will be different depending on the situation the company is going through, as it happens to anyone. But one thing is for sure: it is a date that is just as important if it is small because you are just starting out as if you have been in the market for many years.

We have selected five examples of company anniversary emails that you can use for upcoming birthdays, in case you want to try out different options and not opt for the same one every year.


Share company information

What's happened in the last year that your subscribers should know about? This is the perfect time to tell them (not just for New Year's!). Take the opportunity to highlight what is of particular interest to you or what might help you prepare for changes in the upcoming year. 



Source: Really Good Emails

Go through the big numbers, avoid going into unnecessary detail. It's not about making a boring annual summary, as if it were a presentation to shareholders. Try to incorporate fun facts that humanise the company.

Highlight customer milestones

The company could not celebrate anything without its customers: it is a shared history and a birthday is a good time to make this relationship evident. Design a campaign with a few numbers from the last year, being careful not to reveal too much information so it doesn't look like you're controlling your list too much.



Source: Really Good Emails

A visual way to present this data is with an infographic that has a graphic thread or illustration alluding to the product.

Offer discounts 

In this case, the anniversary gifts are not for you, but for your database and the easiest option is a discount so that the mailing can also impact the sales results. Consider whether you want to offer more or less discount percentage than in other promotions and watch out for its duration if it coincides with other special dates, such as Black Friday or the sales season.



Source: Really Good Emails


Note that in this example they created a pun with their name, both in the subject line and inside the email, to make it clear that it is a special offer.

Reward customers

Raffles and contests are very useful in promotions, but for your anniversary it is better to reward all your customers. Think about it ahead of time because it will probably take a bit of preparation: can you offer something different that will please your most loyal customers?  


Source: Really Good Emails

This time, it's not about selling them anything, that's what discounts are for, as we have just seen. It's a way of thanking them for being with the company during this time and, at the same time, they can show their support by publicly sharing what you give them.

Organise a corporate event

If you have a physical shop, you can organise a party and invite all your customers or a selection of them. You can also rent a space to make it more special or take advantage of the offices if you want to have an internal celebration with just the team. 


Source: Really Good Emails

Use the resources of email marketing for events by preparing all the campaigns you need according to the type of party you are preparing: teaser to warm up the atmosphere, registration to manage attendance, reminder to ensure confirmations and final summary to thank the participation.

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