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Improve your aperture ratio by choosing correctly the sender's name

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Imagen Improve your aperture ratio by choosing correctly the se

The opening of the email is the first step towards conversion. If you can increase your aperture ratio, ie, ensuring that a greater number of subscribers open your email, the number of clicks and conversions will increase.

Several factors influence the opening of an email: the message subject, the preheader, the contact list and also the name you choose as the sender in your messages.

Your sender's name allows you to bond with your audience. It is very important to choose it well and be consistent, always use the same sender's name so your subscribers become familiar with your emails.

But ... How to choose a good sender's name? We show you some options:

  1. Own name vs Company name: If you choose an own name as the sender, please ensure that your email recipients recognize that name. It is no use to use the name of a person if your subscribers do not know who is: it will confuse them, openings will decrease, and the chances of marking your email as spam will increase.
  2. Exclusivity. Sender's name can help your subscribers to feel special and to increase the aperture ratio. Choose sender's names that denote that the user is part of a minority and exclusive "club", they can help you improve your openings and conversions.
  3. Nearness. Humanizing your company can help you improve your relationship with your subscribers and promote the message's aperture. Names like "Your friends, "Team" + Company name may be appropriate.
  4. Own name + Company name: This combination can help your subscribers recognize your company while developing a personal relationship with a representative of the same. If you make different types of sendings, for different services or divisions of your company, it may be very appropriate to distinguish one presentation from the other by including the name of the contact person in each case. However, note that if that person leaves your company, you must change the sender and will affect the brand recognition for your subscribers.
  5. The safest option. Set as sender the company name is the most conservative option, but also the safest. Most companies who send email marketing opt for this option, as it increases its brand image. If your brand is not known, however, perhaps it is better to opt for other more creative options.


Do not repeatedly change your email sender's name for the same type of sending. Once you choose one, keep it.

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