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Increase the click rate using good content

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Imagen Increase the click rate using good con

Among the statistics that concern to those responsible for email marketing, the number of clicks that each sending gets is one of the most relevant to the business. They assume that we have managed to arouse some interest on the subscriber to read in-depth a news, know more about our products or even buy them directly. The click through rate (CTR) is synonymous with an email that has worked and content marketing can help us to raise that percentage.

The most common way to create a newsletter is incorporating articles or links that answer questions like "what am I interested to promote?" or "what has happened since the last time I sent?". Maybe a new property if you are a real estate, an event that we have to fill or a story that we want to promote. There are many possible answers, but all are focused from a business perspective.

Lets us exclude for a moment sender's side and think as recipients of our own sendings. Questions when we receive an email from a company are different, now would be like "What am I going to find interesting if I open this message?" Or "Why should I click on this link?". Answering using content marketing gives us the key to get more starts first and more CTR after.

We have discussed several times about the subject to get the opening of a message, so now let's focus on the relationship between content, clicks and how to combine users' needs and ours as a company to raise the rates.In other words, we should always try to send something we want to promote but also interesting enough for subscribers to make them dig a little deeper.

The easiest way is to ask them what content they want to receive. For example, if our registration form we add some fields so they can choose what their interests are, we can segment the content and most likely hit. Remember, not only promotions' fields, also "tips" to get closer with content marketing.

If we don't want them to tell us directly, we can use a more subtle way like statistics: looking at what gets more clicks is a reference to take into account for future sendings. The dynamic fields help us to choose the best way to communicate with subscribers. Continuing the example, what kind of "tips" most prefer to know what to write next time.

But besides the topic, we need to ensure that we give just enough to want to keep reading. If we send a newsletter letter type, all information will be there. For the user to exit the email and go to the web, we need to give just enough information to be attractive and make him click. For example, in automated sendings often first article's words or news are used but they are not always the most powerful. Make a teaser manually it will take a little longer but also will get more clicks because we are generating more interest in what will be seen after clicking.

Finally, it is clear that good content is based on good design, this is not only have to draw attention with the text, also visual part plays a decisive role in achieving the coveted clicks. A good template is equally important to clearly show the contents and highlight their calls to action.

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