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How can I reduce my unsubscribes rate?

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Imagen How can I reduce my  unsubscribes ra

If the high percentage of unsubscribes in your lists does not let you sleep a wink, these tips will help you sleep soundly. It is quite easy: put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes for a while.

  1. Nobody likes to receive unsolicited emails: DO NOT send campaigns to contacts who did not give prior consent. If you do, it is very likely that they will unsubscribe. In addition, you must be "correct" and comply with regulations on commercial communications.
  2. It is useless to send a newsletter about an accounting software to a journalist. Your target audience must be clearly defined. As Sherlock Holmes said "Watson, don’t assume, appearances can be deceiving." Send relevant content that is of interest to the recipient of the email, every single contact must be clearly identified as our target.
  3. Do not be tiresome. Writing many emails does not mean getting better results. You should establish the right frequency for your sendings. Although in the end, it highly depends on what you send and to what kind of audience you send it, it is not advisable to send more than one mail every 15 days.
  4. Same as in life, if you do not have something interesting to say, better keep quiet. Talk about what really matters and define a constructive approach with well-defined goals.
  5. It seems like a cliché, but most of the times, we only read the headlines. Therefore, the subject line deserves the attention of our best friend. Getting our subscribers to open that email highly relies on how creative, direct, and persuasive that particular line is. 

It may seem like common sense but many companies are making the same mistakes, again and again. Acrelia News helps its customers reduce unsubscribes with good practices and close advinsing. 

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today and start to implement these best practices in your next campaign.

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