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Unsubscribe on demand: Get a second chance from your subscribers

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Imagen Unsubscribe on demand: Get a second chance from your subscri

If one of your contacts unsubscribes from your list, this is not the end of the world. Obviously, you must keep an eye on the total of unsubscribes: a high number might oblige you to review the content of your messages. But as a general rule, unsubscribes fall within the normal lifecycle process of a list.

Do not forget that your ultimate goal is to get a quality contact list, made of subscribers engaged with your brand, who interact with it.

However, by applying a few simple techniques in your unsubscribe form, you will be able to limit the number of unsubscribe in your lists while improving your relationship with your subscribers:

1. Reminder. In the unsubscribe form, include some data to remind the user that he is receiving your emails because he decided to sign up for your newsletter. You can insert the date on which they signed up, the last time they purchased your products or services, or the reason why they are receiving your emails (because he is a customer of your online store, for instance).

2. Contact. Include a simple mechanism for the user to contact you easily. If his approach to unsubscribe is motivated by dissatisfaction or because he faced any problems with any of your products or services, at least you are giving him the opportunity to express his discontent.

3. Frequency. The main reason why people decide to unsubscribe from a mailing list is because they believe that they receive emails too often. If you send different types of emails (offers, news, weekly summary, by categories etc.) with a different periodicity, offer your subscribers the opportunity to set their preference: what do you want to receive and and when?



4. Changing email. Maybe your subscriber wants to unsubscribe from your newsletter simply because it is not convenient for him to receive your emails on the current email account. Offer him the opportunity to modify his account and avoid losing one subscriber.

5. Learn from unsubscribes. You can learn a lot from your subscribers, especially when they are unsubscribing. Give them the opportunity to tell you why they decide to unsubscribe. The easiest thing you can do is to offer a limited choice between several preset options, for instance:

  • the content is not interesting
  • the content is inappropriate,
  • the emails are too often
  • I don’t remember having signed up for your mailing list.

Do not make long and complex questionnaires, you could miss the point of view of most users.



6. Offer alternatives. Some users may not want to receive your email communications anymore, but would be willing to stay in touch with your brand on other channels. Let them know on what social networks you are active. Who knows? You are losing a subscriber, but you may gain a follower!

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